1126 - Launch of Best Practice Guidelines for Ecological Restoration and WCPA North America Region: Implementing natural solutions to climate change in North America

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This event will officially launch “Ecological Restoration for Protected Areas: Principles, Guidelines, and Best Practices”, the latest volume in the IUCN’s leading edge “Best Practice Guidelines for Protected Area Managers” series of publications. This publication, which was prepared by the IUCN’s World Commission on Protected Areas, Parks Canada, the Society for Ecological Restoration, the Convention on Biological Diversity, and many other partners worldwide, provides guidance for terrestrial, marine and freshwater protected area managers on the restoration of natural, cultural and other associated values of protected areas. It introduces key concepts and provides advice on underlying principles and guidelines, technical best practices, and implementation processes. The guidance is enriched by examples and case studies that illustrate on-the-ground experiences with ecological restoration in and around protected areas across the globe.

This event will also serve as an important introduction to a related motion (#051) and workshop ((#797) which are focused on the development of tools and capacity for the implementation of best practices in ecological restoration in and around protected areas. Following a brief overview of the publication, members of the audience will be encouraged to ask questions, share their views and make suggestions about how all IUCN constituencies can contribute, through ecological restoration, to restoring the values and benefits of protected areas for all and, in doing so, to achieving our shared vision for a world in which nature is valued and conserved.

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