1000 Environment-Friendly Youth Ambassadors in China

Training will prepare 1000 youth in six cities across China to enhance public awarenss of environmental protection. The program will also solicit 100 proposals for energy conservation and emission reduction. CEC member Mr Jia Feng of the Center for Environmental Education and Communication directs the program.

CEC member Mr Jia Feng is in charge of a program to prepare 1000 young people to become 'youth ambassors' for the environment and energy conservation across China Photo: www.1000efya.cn

1000 Environment-Friendly Youth Ambassadors Action Program is initiated by Environment Protection and Resources Conservation Committee, NPC, Committee of Population, Resources and Environment, CPPCC, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Ministry of Education (MOE), the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, and All-China Women’s Federation. The Center for Environmental Education and Communication, MEP, and Chinese Young Volunteers Association are organizing the program. The program is also supported by Johnson Controls Inc. & China Environmental Awareness Program.

It is hoped that the youth ambassadors’ pioneer role will influence a thousand through each ambassador, to enhance the public’s environment protection awareness, orient the public attention to pollution prevention and control and actively participate in the energy conservation and emission reduction actions. The public’s proactive participation not only is an embodiment of China theme for the World Environment day, but echoes the global theme- take action, and the protection for our planet needs every single one of us to participate.

This program will firstly systematically deliver training for 1,000 youth ambassadors in six major cities in the North, Northeast, East, Southwest, Southwest, and South regions (Beijing, Shenyang, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xi’an and Guangzhou). The project is a seed-sowing machine, and the 1,000 ambassadors are seeds, which will exert their pioneering role to train 1000 people each, and therefore lead one million people to join the force of energy conservation and environment-friendly society construction.

The program also encourages the trained public to submit energy conservation and emission reduction proposals designed for the household, campus, workplace, and corporate. The organizing committee will select 100 proposals and provide with professional and technical guidance and fund the implementation of these proposals for one year. By the end of February 2011, the organizing committee will convene to commend 20 environment-friendly ambassador pioneers and awardees of 20 environment-friendly public participation best proposals.

Recent activities

According to the statistics of Program Office of “1000 Environment-Friendly Youth Ambassador Action”, the amount of Youth Ambassador was the followings by the end of September: 166 in Chengdu, 309 in Beijing, 168 in Shanghai, 160 in Xi’an, 168 in Shenyang, 151 in Guangzhou with total of 1122 ambassadors.

Over 1000 young ambassadors have carried out environmental training at grassroots level, such as schools, communities, barbacks, companies and exhibitions, to disseminate environmental knowledge and raise people’s awareness.

On behalf of Chinese youths, the environment-friendly youth ambassadors attended the first Tripartite Environment Student Summit (TESS) among China, Japan and South Korea.


In order to encourage environment-friendly youth ambassadors to launch energy saving and emissions reduction program at community level, the Office of the 1,000 Environment-Friendly Youth Ambassadors Action organized a contest. among the “1,000 Environment-Friendly Youth Ambassadors” on the design of all-people energy saving and emissions reduction plan, collecting energy saving and emissions reduction plans suitable for courtyards, communities and households. Environment-friendly youth ambassadors in local areas actively participated in the contest and handed in over 1,000 separate plans. Over 300 of these plans were submitted to the Office of the “1,000 Environment-Friendly Youth Ambassadors Action” after preliminary selection by local offices.

Officials and experts from eight ministries appraised these plans, and granted 20 first-class winners, 30 second-class winners and 50 third-class winners, who would be given subsidies and supports.


This story was submitted on behalf of Mr Jia Feng by Li Penghui, program officer for the 1000 Environment-Friendly Youth Ambassadors Action Program

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