‘Our Treasures at Risk’ — youth perspectives on the challenges and opportunities for our planet’s most outstanding places

To mark the 40th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention, a new publication is being released that draws on the views and experiences of young people who live and/or work in World Heritage sites.

Youth messengers at the Go4BioDiv Forum in Japan 2010

Our Treasures at Risk – World Heritage in Times of Climate Change, Contributions from Youth Messengers across the Globe is a joint effort of IUCN’s World Heritage Programme, the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and the German development cooperation GIZ/KfW on behalf of BMZ.

As a follow-up to the International Youth Forum Go4BioDiv which took place in Japan 2010, the publication includes insights and opinions from the participating 34 youth messengers from five continents.

This colourful publication includes expert interviews, suggestions for educational activities, and a variety of multimedia background material on an annexed CD.

It explains the link between biodiversity and World Heritage, presents the challenges these natural sites face, as well as ways to meet them, shows practical approaches and hands-on examples, and explores the role of youth in the conservation of biodiversity and World Heritage.

‘Our Treasures’ is part of the GIZ series ‘Sustainability has many Faces’, as a contribution towards the UNESCO decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

Order the publication free of charge via i-punkt@giz.de or download it here.

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