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WCPA Mountain Update March 2020 WCPA Mountain Update March 2020 Photo: IUCN March
Focus on Western Himalayas - Home of the Grizzly Bear Spirit - Alder Creek to be privately protected - The Fable of the giant sequoia tree - the route of Parks... connecting 17 national parks in Chile - Paparoa National Park koitaki (guardians) - Australian Fires : really brings home what climate crisis means - Feral animals are a major issue post fire - a commitment to Cameroon's mountains - Farming lions and other wildlife - Scottish and South African researchers to share mountain knowledge - Water towers of the World ranked on vulnerability - Shrubs and grasses growing around Mount Everest - Pulse of the planet : Hindu Kush Himalaya - Alti Saya Mountain partnership - ProMont-Blanc update in the lead up to WCC Marseilles - Open space Alps kick off - Weatherwatch : UK's oldest snow patch clings on : but for how long? - Romanian illegal logging : going on for how many years - (Lynx) mum of four - To our very own... congratulations Graeme - Scree and Talus



WCPA Mountain Update December 2019 Photo: IUCN December
Note from the editor - Mountains at Wild++ and IUCN World Conservation Congress - Identification of Global Priorities for New Mountain Protected and Conserved Areas - Tongass National Forest at a crossroads - Ecuador, Mt Chimborazo and Alexander von Humbloldt - Bad news and good news from the Australian Alps - Dropped from the sky?! - Last wolves in Africa: Ethopia - Connecting 2 great mountain ranges: Himalaya and Karakoram - Deosai National Park - Karakoram : Pamir Biosphere Reserve - The mystery of the Himalayas' Skeleton Lake - The bear in the Alps: the true story of M49 -Walking the Balkans: the High Scardus Trail - Swiss Pizol Glacier: dead and buried - Hohe Tauern wilderness news - Scree and Talus

IUCN WCPA Mountain Update September 2019 Photo: IUCN September

Global: Winter Sports, World Heritage and WWF World Heritage - Africa : Learning by doing, Nature based villages in Rwanda, Middle Stone Age Humans -  America: Endangered Species, Misuse of rangers, Fight for hallowed land. - Oceania - Australia: A most sacred mountain - Central Asia: Yagnob National Park, Himalayan Glacier melting - Europe: Geocaching, Blue Heart. Scree and Talus - Tools, Publications, Other Media, Meetings and Events - Links


June - Geopark status added value for local communities - Disappearing World Heritage Glaciers - rock stacking:environmental graffiti? - Cascade Mountains - Denali's frozen rivers of waste - Network for Research on Mountain Environments of Latin America and the Caribbean - Past Plant Diversity, Climate Change and Mountain Conservation - Ecuador endangered - Protecting long term monitoring in Australian Alps - More on deer...some results from aerial shooting trials - Happy 75th Birthday? Kosciuszko National Park  - CEPF—$8m for biodiversity hotspots in mountains of central asia - Dhungentar: A Resilient Mountain Village in Nepal - Lynx Trail—creating awareness & a hiking challenge! - Re-wilding in Scotland - Scree and Talus

March - Tribute to Bruno Messerli - No buffer zone ... no chance for wolves - The Shutdown is over - now follow the money - critical biodiversity sites identified, Uganda - the story of a moth and a possum - Trans-Papua threat to nature and indigenous societies - Hindu Kush Himalaya glaciers to rocks in under 100 years - Be part of the mountain - Talkfests of the affluent - Scree and Talus


December - 100th Issue of Mountain Protected Areas Update
100 Updates - some recollections; Protecting Mountains region by region; Mount Kilimandjaro and Mount Kenya; Park becomes a Paddock; Alpine National Parks Management Plans; World's largest non-polar icefield; Andes - a natural and cultural conservation priority; Lobbying to protect Malaysia's mountains; the highest park in the world; "Bam-e-Duniya Network" connecting mountain landscape along the Silk Route; 4th World Mountain Forum 2018 - Kyrgystan; Envisioning future of "Belt & Road Initiative" in Mountains of Central Asia; Hercynian Mountains; Ancient Prmeval Beech Forests; Scree and Talus. Read the December Update

Editorial, Protecting Mountains – region by region, Mount Lico: Mozambique’s time capsule, 2 headlines—2017 good...2018 not so good, take The Track to wild places, 10th Australian Alps Science Management Forum, conservation targets and biodiversity, Andean model for community based tourism, Bunji – where 3 great ranges meet, Caucasus Mountains—Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, Illegal logging in some Europe’s last virgin forest, Majella National Park, Italy, Scree and Talus     Read the September Update

Beat Plastic Pollution – if you can’t reuse it, refuse it!, Protecting Mountains – region by region, Protection going up (and down) the mountain, Pele has awoken Read the June Update

People and Mountains around the World, Scree and Talus, Publications of Interest, Meetings and Events Links - Read the March Update


Fences in the Landscape…are we listening - 15,000 scientists from 180 nations: a second warning to humanity - Natural World Heritage sites affected by climate change - Treeline Patterns - Community-operated state parks - Madidi is Madidi, where anything can happen - The Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOS) and African Mountains - Great Forest National Park – protecting the world’s tallest flowering plant - Much ado about poo - Geotourism & Ecotourism - Japanese style - Protection for important ice gaps in Iceland and much more ... Read the December Update

Protecting Mountains - Sustainable tourism (should) = human rights and equality - Roads to Ruin - Getting the full story - Y2Y making strides amongst ongoing challenges - Páramo – an Andean biological hotspot - Towards a regional vision of the Andes - Off the World Heritage in Danger List? - New threat to an African mountain system - 10th Great Walk for New Zealand - Collaborative management of protected areas - Mountain snow leopard forum - Great Altai - Iberian mountain research : Andorra, Portugal & Spain and much more ... Read the September Update

Note from the Editor - New members - An expanded network of Mountain enthusiasts - New Mountainous Biosphere Reserves - River piracy in the Yukon? - Collaboration between scientists and managers - Expanding the Conservation Patchwork for Mountain KBAs in East Africa’s Albertine Rift - Balancing Coal Mining and Conservation in South-West Ethiopia - Snowy Hydro 2 and Australian Alps catchments - Australian Alps – oh deer! - ‘Third Pole’ National Park - China’s First National Park: Sanjiangyuan National Park – source of 3 rivers - Paper parks versus real parks and much more ... Read the June Update

Note from the Editor - New members - Where to from here? A note on Mountains at the IUCN World Conservation Congress (WCC) Hawai’i - World Mountain Forum call to action – “don’t leave mountains behind” - Hands Across Borders…at the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park - International Sustainable Summits 2016 - New Mountain National Monument in Maine, USA - A backdown…but what is in store under President Trump? - A Field Guide answering simple but relevant questions…in the páramo - Christmas in the Congo – a new protected area n- Tongariro National Park Defined By Maori Sacred Markers - Congratulations to Ashiq Ahmad Khan! - Minglig Sar, Khunjerab NP & Marco Polo Sheep - Land Use and Land Cover Change in Sagarmatha National Park, a World Heritage Site in the Himalayas of Eastern Nepal - North Eurasia - Hindu Kush Himalaya – adaptation in one of the fastest warming & most vulnerable regions on Earth to climate change - Wilderness in Europe, 2017 - A boost to cross-border conservation between Albania and Montenegro - And still in the Balkans…Prespa transboundary park finally ratified! - European mountain regions face climate change - Norway Wants to Give Finland a Mountain and much more ... Read the March Update


Note from the Editor - International Mountain Day…a time to reflect on Mountain landscapes and Mountain people - Larry Hamilton Tributes  Read the Special Edition

Note from the Editor - New Members - New Natural World Heritage sites (announced Istanbul 2016) - Mountains at the IUCN World Conservation Congress (WCC) Hawai’i - Hitching a Ride along Mountain Roads - Rights of Nature - George Wright Society and Dave Harmon Peel River Watershed & Y2Y - Glaciers & Mountain Ecosystems Gain Higher Profile in Peru - Albertine Rift – where is it? - Itombwe - One of the most Biodiverse Parts of Africa Protected . Fourth national park for Rwanda: Gishwati-Mukura - Zebras all have stripes but…- Australian Alps Climate Futures Forum - Tigers, Tourism & Gross National Happiness - Sustainable Tourism in Bhutan - Sacred Mountains and Buddhist Sites threatened by mining - From Hunting Reserve to Snow Leopard Sanctuary - The Foundation…what will it attempt next? and much more ... Read the September Update

Note from the Editor - New members - Mountains at the IUCN World Conservation Congress (WCC) Hawai’i - No-Go Protected Areas - Part of the Mountain Protected Area legacy of a frustrated President - Another Reason to Protect Mountain Tops - Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve (Mexico) - Decline of Grauer’s gorilla in mountains of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo  - Mountain Elephants - Cableway for the Drakensbergs (South Africa) – the debate continues… - Decision Support Tools for the Australian Alps National Parks - Common Vegetation Mapping - Kashmir (India) —Dachigam N P - Development Impacts of Conservation Areas on Central Asia’s Mountain Societies - Wolf in the Spotlight…again - Mating (hopefully, wings crossed!) Bearded Vultures sighted in Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy and much more ... Read the June Update

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