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  • Chiribiquete National Park, Colombia Photo: IUCN / Charles Besancon

    Conserving Nature in a time of crisis: Protected Areas and COVID-19


    Many of the threats facing biodiversity and protected areas will be exacerbated during, and following, the Covid-19 outbreak. The health of humans, animals and ecosystems are interconnected. An expanding agricultural frontier and human incursions into natural...

  • Double Turtle Photo: Thomas Vignaud

    Blue Finance builds an alliance to monetise and more effectively protect Marine Protected Areas


    A key obstacle to effectively managing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) is a lack of economic resources, but at the Oriental Mindoro MPA in the Philippines, a consortium of dedicated partners is turning one of the world`s most productive ecosystems into a...

  • IUCN Statement Photo: IUCN

    IUCN deplores the brutal killing of 17 people in Virunga National Park


    IUCN is deeply shocked by the tragic loss of 12 park rangers, a staff driver and four civilians close to Virunga National Park, following an attack by armed militia on 24 April. One of the world’s most biodiversity-rich areas and home to the last remaining...

  • Celsa Ortiz, a ranger with her community in Yanesha Communal Reserve, Peru Celsa Ortiz, a ranger with her community in Yanesha Communal Reserve, Peru Photo: Celsa Ortiz

    Green Solidarity


    A new wave of IUCN Green List commitments in the Amazon to help COVID recovery for rural and indigenous communities and their vital ecosystems.

  • Urban park Photo: CC0 Public Domain/Pixabay

    COVID-19 International Park Managers Expert Panel


    On 3rd April, members of IUCN and WCPA participated in an on-line international panel discussion with park and protected area managers from around the world to have a high level dialogue on the response to the COVID-19 health situation. ...

  • Ranger RPPN Sesc Pantanal Photo: Luciana Tancredo

    Frontier Diaries: nature in a time of COVID-19


    Building a network of local contributors and grassroots storytellers, and involve our global audience in guiding us and sending us footage and information about what is happening all across the protected areas community.

  • Global Biodiversity Framework Workshop April 2020 Photo: German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

    What works, works! Measuring the quality and effectiveness of protected and conserved areas


    Consultations toward the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework are well under way, and Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity are engaged in understanding what progress has occurred during the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity through the...

  • Protected Area Governance and Management Photo: ANU Press

    IUCN’s Protected Area Governance and Management book achieves 100,000 downloads


    Within five years of its launch, the English version of IUCN’s Protected Area Governance and Management compendium textbook has reached the remarkable statistic of 100,000 downloads across 87 countries. This milestone has been made possible through IUCN...

  • Caribbean Projet Amaweca Equipe - Martinique Caribbean Project Amaweca Team - Martinique Photo: Carole Martinez

    BEST RUP: Reviving the knowledge and use of creole medicinal plants


    Local medicinal plants have been used for a long time in Martinique to treat everyday health problems. Known under the creole appellation of “Rimèd Razié”, the recipes exploiting the elemental secrets of these plants have been mastered by generations. To keep...

  • Neville Yapp (LEAP) facilitates a session on community-based governance of natural resources within the Lower-Kinabatangan Segama Wetlands Ramsar Site (Sabah, Malaysia) Photo: Harry Driver Jonas

    Other Effective Area-based Conservation Measures (OECMs): Exploring the Potential in Asia


    Other effective area-based conservation measures (OECMs) are becoming an increasingly important topic in the discussions leading up to the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework. As a contribution to the dialogue, the Asia Protected Areas Partnership (APAP)...


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