World Commission on Protected Areas

Steering Committee

The WCPA Steering Committee is the principal governing body of WCPA. The WCPA SC is appointed by the WCPA Chair and approved by the IUCN Council. The Steering Committee is composed of the Chair, the Deputy Chair, Regional Vice‐Chairs, and Thematic Vice‐Chairs
IUCN WCPA Steering Committee Meeting, Colombia 2017

The next WCPA Steering Committee will be held in Amboseli National Park, Kenya from 9-15 May 2019

The WCPA Steering Committee meets once a year at a location decided by the Committee, and normally at the invitation of WCPA members in one of the IUCN regions or sub-regions. The meeting is limited to Steering Committee members, with Task Force and Specialist Group members and others invited at the Chair’s discretion. The meeting includes reporting on GPAP and WCPA activities, discussion and decisions on important upcoming events and initiatives, review of the GPAP Intersessional Programme, and discussion and decisions on WCPA directions and priorities for the upcoming year.  


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