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WCEL Members make substantial contributions to the published literature related to environmental law. The following papers are provided by the Commission for public use thanks to the permission of the copyright owners. Additional contributions are highly appreciated to provide access to the extensive knowledge across diverse topics, including biodiversity, climate change, ecosystem services, environmental governance, forests, protected areas, soil, water, and much more.



Jorge Cabrera Medaglia:
Biodiversity for (Bio)Technology under the Convention on Biological Diversity : Bioprospecting partnership in practice

Jorge Cabrera Medaglia:
Elementos basicos para la negociacion de contratos de bioprospeccion 

Jorge Cabrera Medaglia:
La propuesta Costarricense de sistema sui generis para la proteccion de los derechos del fitomejorador a la luz de la OMC y las negociaciones del CAFTA

Maria Julia Oliva and Simonetta Zarrilli:
WTO Panel Report on the "EC-Biotech" Case: Considerations for Trade and Development

Stephen Keim:
The Adventures of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

Stephen Keim:
The EPBC Act Ten Years On: the Gunns Method of Assessment Case as a Key Indicator: notes for a QELA Seminar held on Monday 29 June 2009

Ana Rachel Teixeira-Mazaudoux:
Protection des savoirs traditionnels associés aux ressources genetiques : cadre juridique international

Tran Thi Huong Trang:
Legislation on Genetic Resources Conservation in Vietnam 

Climate Change and Energy

M. Zafar Haider Jappa: 
Climate Change Monster - Calamitous situation in South Asia demands urgent action  

A. F. M. Maniruzzaman:
Climate Justice is What's Needed for Copenhagen Success
Published in: Amicus Curiae: Journal of the Society for Advanced Legal Studies (U.K.), (Editorial), issue 79, Autumn 2009, pp.1-2.

Ecosystem Services

Environmental Governance

Tatiana R. Zaharchenko:  
On the Way to Transparency: a Comparative Study on Post-Soviet States and the Aarhus Convention
Published by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

di Gianfranco Tamburelli:
International Cooperation for the protection of the environment and sustainable development: real or supposed innovations?
Published in: Gazzetta Ambiente (Italy), N6, 2016, pp. 127-141

Gitanjali Nain Gill:
Environmental Justice in India: The National Green Tribunal and Expert Members
Published in: Transnational Environmental Law, Available on CJO 2015 doi:10.1017/S2047 102515000278

Robert V. Percival:
The "Greening" of the Global Judiciary
Journal of Land Use, Vol. 32:2, 2017 pp. 333-358

Deepa Badrinarayana:

The "Right" Right to Environmental Protection: What We Can Discern from the American and Indian Constitutional Experience

Brooklyn Journal of International Law, Vol. 43, No. 1, 2017



Protected Areas


Ben Boer and Ian Hannam:
Developing a Global Soil Regime
Published in: International Journal of Rural Law and Policy, Soil Governance, Special edition 1, 2015


Nicolas Boeglin:
Implicaciones jurídicas internacionales para Costa Rica de los recursos hidricos compartidos o transfronterizos


The views expressed in these papers are the views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of IUCN. 

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