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Freshwater Crustacean

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IUCN SSC Freshwater Crustacean Specialist Group Chair: Neil Cumberlidge
IUCN SSC Red List Authority Coordinators: 
Freshwater Crabs: Darren C.J. Yeo
Freshwater Crayfish: Keith Crandall
Freshwater Shrimps: Sammy DeGrave

The mission of the IUCN SSC Freshwater Crustacean Specialist Group (FCSG) is to work towards all aspects of the long-term conservation of freshwater decapods (freshwater crabs, crayfish, freshwater shrimps, and aeglids) worldwide. Specific goals are: (1) to act as the Red List Authority and to update IUCN Red List species assessments; (2) to promote their long-term conservation worldwide by management of habitats and by the development of conservation strategies and, where necessary, the recovery of populations; (3) to promote integrated research on biodiversity and conservation; (4) to educate non-specialists about all aspects of the group; and (5) to create and maintain the FCSG website of the IUCN SSC that will provide up-to-date world species lists, keep track of the discovery of new species, and list the Red List status for each species.

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