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Fireflies Radim Schreiber

IUCN SSC Firefly Specialist Group Co-Chairs: Sara Lewis and Wong Choong Hay (Sonny Wong)
IUCN SSC Red List Authority Coordinator:  Yiu Vor

Fireflies (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) are among the most charismatic insects on Earth. The mission of our IUCN SSC Firefly Specialist Group is to identify and work to conserve threatened firefly species around the world. Specific goals are to: (1) assess Red List status for 2000+ species (2) prioritize key threats and conservation issues facing fireflies in different geographic regions (3) identify knowledge gaps for future biodiversity research, and (4) advocate for threatened species at regional and global levels.

For more information about fireflies, please visit our partner at Fireflyers International Network.

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