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The Sir Peter Scott Award for Conservation Merit

Peter Scott front medalThis is the "senior" SSC award, dating back to 1984. It is presented to individuals in recognition of significant and long term service to conservation through their work with the SSC or associated institutions. Accomplishments may involve one or more specific events, or they may reflect sustained activity over time. The recipient may be one or more individuals, an organisation, or an institution. Achievements are recognisable as particularly significant and noteworthy contributions to the conservation of wild fauna and flora, especially threatened species.

Award: a medal bearing the likeness of Sir Peter Scott, the first Chair of the SSC, and a certificate.

Recipients 2019

Dr Nicole Duplaix
In recognition of yours more than half-century commitment to the SSC, most notably your leadership of the Otter Specialist Group over two separate time periods, and your constantly enthusiastic, positive and encouraging personality that has enabled to help countless conservationists worldwide.

Dr David Mallon
In recognition of the enormous contributions that you have made through the SSC to large mammal conservation in Asia and Africa over many years, dedicated co-chairing of the Antelope Specialist Group, active participation in the IUCN Red List Committee, facilitation of numerous conservation planning workshops in several languages, and the wit and enthusiasm that you bring to your work.

Frédéric Launay
In recognition of your wise leadership in the SSC for almost 30 years, chairing of the Reintroduction Specialist Group, active engagement on the SSC Steering Committee, and your work to help build the close relationship between SSC and Environment Agency Abu Dhabi and the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation

Randy Reeves
In recognition of your authoritative, professional and highly effective leadership of the Cetacean Specialist Group over many years, and your long-term participation in the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission, earning the respect and admiration of all those with whom your work.

George Archibald
In recognition of your charismatic, generous, warm-hearted leadership of crane conservation worldwide, including co-founding of the International Crane Foundation and chairing of the Crane Specialist Group, as well as unfailing commitment to empower others, and give them the credit whenever possible.

Anslem Lawrence de Silva
In recognition of your unassuming commitment to reptile and amphibian research and conservation in Sri Lanka over many decades, advancing our understanding of these species, and your constant support to others, launching many young Sri Lankans in their careers in conservation and science.

Vololoniaina Jeannoda
In recognition of the pivotal role you have played as a botanist in Madagascar for many years, focusing on plant conservation, ecology, systematics, ethnobotany and community participation, especially on wild yams, mentoring of many students, and your effective leadership of the Madagascar Plants Specialist Group.

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