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Invertebrate Conservation Committee

IUCN SSC Invertebrate Conservation Committee

Axel HochkirchAxel Hochkirch



Our vision is a just world, in which the value of invertebrates is acknowledged, comprehensive information on the conservation status of invertebrates is attained, research and conservation action benefiting invertebrates is conducted and financially supported, and threatened invertebrate species are on the conservation agenda.

We facilitate invertebrate conservation by:

(1) enhancing knowledge on the diversity, ecology and conservation status of invertebrates,

(2) defining invertebrate conservation priorities,

(3) utilizing knowledge and priorities to support and implement conservation action,

(4) building awareness of the uniqueness of invertebrates, their ecological values and services to humankind as well as their imperilment and potential solutions to counteract the loss of invertebrate biodiversity, and

(5) ensuring sufficient resources to facilitate long-term invertebrate conservation. 

Reports of ICC meetings and contact details of members are posted on the Union Portal (login required).

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