Species Survival Commission

Fungal Conservation Committee

The Fungal Conservation Committee (FCC) aims to raise awareness of the importance of fungi and the need to conserve them, enhance coordination among the fungal and the broader conservation communities, and foster action.
Yellow Cage Fungus, Clathrus baumii © David Hartung
Greg Mueller Photo: Greg Mueller

Gregor Mueller


The FCC’s main activities are:

  • Ensure fungal conservation issues are aligned within the SSC and the wider IUCN.
  • Raise awareness of conservation needs and progress being made in fungal conservation within the SSC, Global Species Programme, WCPA, etc.
  • Function as a focal point for information and coordination of fungal conservation needs and activities for the mycological, land management, and conservation communities.
  • Coordinate fungal species conservation activities throughout the SSC, e.g., KBA, Green List, SULi, etc.
  • Serve as point of contact with the Indianapolis Zoo’s Global Center for Species Survival Plant – Fungi Network coordinator. 
  • Identify needed additional fungal specialist groups and work with the community to find leadership, members, and develop priorities for activities / outputs;
  • Update, refine and expand current guidelines for fungal conservation including enhancements to better meet the needs for taxonomic groups for which current suggested protocols do not work well (e.g., fungi that do not form easily visible sporocarps).
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