Species Survival Commission

SSC Chair's Office

The main priority of the Chair and the SSC office is to provide support and leadership to the extensive global network to help stimulate conservation action on the ground. Any requests for additional groups to become established, together with the appointment of the Chairs of the Specialist Groups, must be endorsed by the SSC Chair in consultation with the SSC Steering Committee.

Other responsibilities of the SSC Chair’s office include working with governments to address particular urgent species conservation issues, providing input to regional and national consultations and policy initiatives, consolidating and strengthening the SSC’s partnerships with other organizations, building collaboration with other Programmes and Commissions of IUCN, and fundraising for all SSC species related work. The SSC Chair’s Office works closely with the Global Species Programme in the IUCN Secretariat to support the SSC network, and to push forward the species conservation agenda within IUCN.

Meet the SSC Chair’s Office team

Special Advisors to the SSC

There are a handful of individuals who go beyond the extra mile, to regularly invest their time and energy into the SSC. As defined in the SSC bylaws, “the Chair of the Commission may appoint individuals as Advisory Members when they are in a working relationship with the SSC during the intersessional period”.
A new term – “Special Advisor to the SSC” – has been agreed for these Advisory Members under the current Chair’s Office. For the 2017–2020 IUCN quadrennium, the SSC Chair has appointed three Special Advisors to formally recognize their continued dedication and invaluable contributions to the work of the SSC.

David Mallon Mark Stanley Price  
David Mallon
Mark Stanley Price

Advisor to the Steering Committee

Simon Stuart    
Simon Stuart
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