Species Survival Commission

Our Partners

The SSC Chair’s Office is extremely grateful to our partners who provide invaluable support in different ways. Their support allows us to focus on supporting the SSC Network’s efforts toward the achievement of our mandate to “stimulate, promote and support conservation actions for halting biodiversity decline, preventing species’ extinctions, and restoring and conserving intact habitats and ecosystems, both on the ground and in the water”. We are committed to working hard, with your help, towards the ambitious task of saving species around the world.


The SSC Chair’s Office is deeply thankful for the financial contribution of our 32 partners. Their generous support makes our work possible; they are:

SSC Donors Photo: IUCN SSC

In-Kind Contributors

A network of important, mutually-beneficial partnerships with the SSC Chair’s Office have significantly expanded up our staff capacity and facilities which scale-up the scope of our work worldwide. These organizations have hired Species Survival Officers on their staff, but dedicated to supporting Specialist Groups in assessments, planning and mobilizing action to save species; actions that increase and contribute to the SSC outcomes. 


This group of partners work with the SSC Chair’s Office on different priority conservations initiatives. They help us strengthen capacity to assess-plan-act as well as to keep supporting our network in achieving their goals within the Species Strategic Plan 2017-2020.

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