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Continuous call for CEESP Members' news:

To better capture the news, updates and great work of the CEESP members and community, we are now doing a ‘rolling’ submission of news!  Please email us your contributions - at your convenience - in any official language of IUCN (English, French and Spanish).  

Once we have enough contributions for a whole CEESP Newsletter, we will publish. Please note that your contribution will probably be shared on the CEESP Facebook page before the publication of the actual Newsletter.  We look for contributions for CEESP Members' news, such as: 

  • New publications or projects you are leading or contributing to that are of particular interest to other CEESP Commission members
  • Have you been appointed to a new position of relevance to the mandate of CEESP? 
  • Have you received any awards? 
  • Have you led or presented at relevant meetings, conferences? 
  • Are there any useful readings, links and other resources that you think will interest other CEESP members?


  • All contributions should ideally be 400-700 words. 
  • Include a SHORT summary of the contribution (up to 50 words): we will feature the summary in the Newsletter and include a link to the 400-700 word submission - which will live on the IUCN CEESP website.
  • Include an image (of the meeting, site, publication, community, etc.) along with acknowledgement of the photographer and subjects, as well as confirmation that you have copyright permission for use of the image.   
  • Please send your articles to 

    We look forward to your contributions!  

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