Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy



From conceptual development to implementation with continued learning - Outcomes of the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform - Asian Indigenous People's struggle in COP 24 - Traditional Knowledge key in achieving Africa’s climate goals - Students Study Protected Areas and Learn About Climate Change and Human Health Impacts - Transforming indigenous women’s lives through coffee and community in Bolivia - Signs on the Earth: Islam, Modernity and the Climate Crisis - Biocultural Diversity of Food



Community Voices in the Illegal Wildlife Trade Debate - Congratulations to CEESP members in their new roles! - Highlighting Human Dimensions of Conservation - Jaguars and Culture: Public Policies for Integrated Conservation in Mexico - Returning Earth to Mankind and Mankind to Earth: An Ecosystemic Approach to Advocacy, Public Policies, Research, and Teaching Programs - Biodiversity conservation initiatives have unfulfilled potential to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals - CEESP Member Accomplishments - Fall 2018 - Webinar on Gender and Conservation - New guidance for conservation and sustainable livelihoods for freshwater biodiversity in the Lake Victoria Basin - Madagascar's Southern Region: A socio-economic, historic, cultural, political, anthropological and environmental analysis - Green Crime in Mexico: A Collection of Case Studies (2018) - Democracy in the Woods: Environmental Conservation and Social Justice in India, Tanzania, and Mexico

Honoring Dr. Taghi Farvar (1942 - 2018) - Blog: Communities, Conservation, and Livelihoods: A Win-Win Situation - IUCN 70th Anniversary celebrations in Halifax, Canada - Blog: Artistic representation meets academic research: Reflections from a journey to Nova Scotia - Marginalized peoples living around Loktak Lake meet with Manipur University researchers - Creating a Urban Garden for all - Colombo, Sri Lanka - Indigenous voices amplified in 'Landing Together' film series - Aisa Hammadeen is elected Vice Chair for CEESP for West Asia ‎- Regional Security: The Case of the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) - Evaluating indigenous and local peoples’ connections with nature

May - Note from the Chair, Communities Conservation and Livelihoods Conference, Food Security and the Protection of Indigenous Territories

Autumn - Oceans in Focus: Livelihoods, Rights and Conservation 
March - Setting the stage

August - Presenting the Chair candidates
April - In support of environment defenders

December - Conclusion of the Paris Climate Change negotiations
October - IUCN Regional Conservation Forums
July - IUCN ORO Forum
April - Developing new standards for IUCN


July - Extinction might not be forever
March - Reorganisation after IUCN WCC



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