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- CEESP and COVID19: A Call to Action - Exploring private investments in conservation, conceptually and in concrete settings - Learning Community for the effective management of Private Protected Areas in Central Chile - Ecosystem restoration project in a private (not “privately”) protected area in Chilean Patagonia - Public-Private Sector collaboration to protect and restore ecologically significant tropical peat-swamp forest in Sumatra - Encouraging policy development and best practices for privately protected areas - Private Sector Engagement and Con - servation in West Bengal: monitoring Compensatory Afforestation - An integrative approach to assess and mitigate the social impacts of a disaster - Adopting rights-based approaches to enable cost-effective conservation and climate action
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January - Peace, Migration and Enviornmental Change, Environmentally induced migration and impact on yam farmers in Benin - A reflection on protected areas in serving wildlfe migration exemplefied by endangered oriental storks - Mobile pastoralism and the World Heritage Convention - The historical journey of indigenous peoples in Climate Change negotiations - Building community - twelve principles for a healthy future - Addressing the climate change and poverty nexus - Bwindi: bees, baskets and brilliant guided walks - NRGF in 2019: Continued implementation, outreach and learning - Charting a course to sustainability and equity in the blue economy - Ganga : the river of local and national importance, Alike!
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September - Note from the Chair - Increasing the scope for communities in conservation through sustainable use . Peer-to-peer learning: Indigenous peoples share solutions - Indigenous People's stuggle for recognition of tradîonal knowledge and the UNPFII - Recognising and supporting indigenous leadership in conservation - Key for conservation in indigenous territories : a multi-stakeholder dialogue - CEESP Steering Committee meeting - Where culture, spirituality and conservation meet - Family planning : critically important for women, girls, the environment and sustainability - Call for contributions: Human- Wildlife Conflict and Conservation Conference 2020 - Regional Conservation Forum engagement - IUCN World Conservation Congress - Publications and Reports
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November - Community voices in the Illegal Wildlife Trade Debate; Congratulations to CEESP members in their new roles; Highlighting human dimensions of Conservation; Jaguars and Culture: Public policies for integrated conservation in Mexico; Returning Earth to Mankind and Mankind to Earth : An ecosystemic approach to  advocacy, public policies, research and training programmes: Biodiversity Conservation initiatives have unfulfilled potential to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals; CEESP Member accomplishments; Webinar on Gender and Conservation
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May - Note from the Chair, Communities Conservation and Livelihoods Conference, Food Security and the Protection of Indigenous Territories, see the newsletter

Autumn - Oceans in Focus: Livelihoods, Rights and Conservation 
March - Setting the stage

August - Presenting the Chair candidates
April - In support of environment defenders

December - Conclusion of the Paris Climate Change negotiations
October - IUCN Regional Conservation Forums
July - IUCN ORO Forum
April - Developing new standards for IUCN


July - Extinction might not be forever
March - Reorganisation after IUCN WCC



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