Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy


The Regional Chairs provide leadership to guide the development and implementation of CEESP’s work within their regions. They work cross-sectorally across many disciplines to foster initiatives for training and capacity building. As experts in their regions, they contribute technical information for the development of national, regional, or global assessments, and actively engage with other regional chairs to share information and experiences. If you fall within one of CEESP’s regions and would like to collaborate with a regional chair, please find their contact information and area of expertise below.

CEESP Regional Vice Chairs



meher_noshirwani Photo: Meher Noshirwani
Meher NOSHIRWANI (Pakistan)  


Mr. Aisa Mustafa HAMMADEEN - CEESP Regional Vice Chair - West Asia

West Asia
Aisa Mustafa HAMMADEEN (Jordan) 

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Mersie Ejigu Photo: Mersie Ejigu

Eastern and Southern Africa
Mersie EJIGU (Ethiopia)

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Mr. Osvaldo Munguia - CEESP Regional Vice Chair - Meso & South America
Meso & South America
Osvaldo MUNGUIA (Honduras) 

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Ms. Elise Huffer - CEESP Regional Vice Chair for Oceania

Elise HUFFER (Fiji) 

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