Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy

Theme on Business, Best Practice and Accountability

How do we promote social and environmental accountability in the business sector? IUCN works with three types of businesses; those with a large impact, such as mining and extractive companies; smaller companies such as those in the apparel industry, by helping them focus on their supply chain; and with global investors with an interest in financing conservation.


The CEESP Theme on Business Sector Accountability will advance the missions within the mandate of the commission by generating and disseminating knowledge, mobilizing influence, and promoting actions to harmonize the conservation of nature with crucial social, cultural, and economic justice concerns of human societies, including human rights and responsibilities, indigenous peoples' well-being and rights, gender equality and women’s empowerment, peace and human security, equity, biocultural diversity, sustainable livelihoods, fair and equitable governance of natural resources and sharing of benefits derived from natural resources, as well as respect for diverse spiritual and cultural understandings of nature.

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