Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy

SULi Central Asia regional meeting - Kyrgyzstan, 4-6 September 2018

In September 2018, SULi co-convened with partners GIZ, Panthera, the Hunting and Conservation Alliance of Tajikistan, TRAFFIC and IUCN Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Office a regional meeting to explore sustainable use and community management of wild resources. Sustainable and integrated use of wild species and habitats plays an important role in conservation strategies and livelihood and resource management options for many Central Asian countries. However, illegal and/or unsustainable use continues, as does extensive land degradation, with challenges in terms of inadequate governance frameworks and institutions. The meeting reviewed the status of key wild species populations across the region and the threats facing them, frameworks and approaches to managing resource use, the role of community rights and benefits, and the potential to work with key stakeholders - including the hunting sector - to strengthen wildlife conservation and associated livelihood benefits. Based on extensive presentations and discussions, meeting participants concluded that strengthening the role of local communities in managing wildlife (plants, animals and their habitats) could reduce poaching and land degradation and support food security and livelihoods, more effective law enforcement, and climate adaptation and resilience. Participants highlighted the key challenges facing community-based wildlife management and articulated key recommendations for governments, conservation organisations, development agencies, local communities, and other stakeholders in the region.  

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