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Wild Life, Wild Livelihoods: involving communities in sustainable wildlife management and combating illegal wildlife trade

This report, co-authored by SULi, highlights key lessons from experience for engaging communities in combating unsustainable use and illegal wildlife trade, and sets out eight key insights to guide action. Read more here

Watch the following clip on the Wild Life, Wild Livelihoods meeting.

Cover of Wild Life, Wild Livelihoods Photo: Wild Life, Wild Livelihoods

Wild life, wild lives: enough talking already

New Blog! SULi member Dilys Roe (from IIED) discusses the imperative for action when it comes to involving local people and communities in wildlife conservation.  Read Dilys' blog here

Living in close proximity to wildlife is not a neutral-impact relationship (Photo: Creative Commons, via Pixaby)

The voice missing from the elephant trophy debate? Africans.

SULi Chair Rosie Cooney responds to the Trump administration's back-and-forth on lifting the ban on Elephant imports from Zambia and Zimbabwe.  Read Rosie's Washington Post article here in English and click here for Rosie's article in Spanish (es).


Event: Killing for Conservation

2 September 2017, 8.30am - 5pm, Australian Museum, Sydney

SULi Chair, Rosie Cooney will be speaking at this event about the role of the IUCN in sustainable use of wildlife for conservation and livelihoods.  This event is sponsored by the Royal Zoological Society of 
New South Wales - click here to read more.

SULiNews 11, August 2017

New! Relaunch of SULiNews Issue 11 (August 2017) out today.  Click on links to read great case studies on sustainable use, sustainable livelihoods, wildlife trade and wildlife crime.

Reticulated Giraffe, Samburu National Park, Kenya

SULi Regional East and Southern Africa meeting - Chiredzi, Zimbabwe 23-24 May 2017

Eastern and Southern African SULi members met in Chiredzi, Zimbabwe at the beautiful Chilo Lodge in May to discuss the potential for the two regions to work together on sustainable use and livelihoods issues.  The group workshopped, brainstormed, and came up with a clear direction and set of goals for the collaboration.   This meeting was made possible through the kind support of the Austrian Ministry of the Environment and the EU Wild Programme.

Click here to read the report

SULi regional East and Southern Africa meeting 2017


  • Announcing New CEESP Appointments


    CEESP News - by Kristen Walker, CEESP Chair Congratulations to CEESP members in their new roles!

  • Community representatives from around the world gather at ZSL in London, for a preparatory "Community Voices" meeting for the London Conference IWT, co-organised by IUCN SULi, IIED, ZSL, TRAFFIC and FFI Community representatives from around the world gather at ZSL in London, for a preparatory "Community Voices" meeting for the London Conference IWT, co-organised by IUCN SULi, IIED, ZSL, TRAFFIC and FFI Photo: Jonathan Perugia/Gaia Visual

    Community Voices in the Illegal Wildlife Trade Debate


    CEESP News - by Rosie Cooney, outgoing Chair of the IUCN CEESP/SSC Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group (SULi) Who gets to have a say in how wildlife is conserved? Whose perspectives and interests count? The illegal wildlife trade (IWT...

  • IUCN Mexico Forum Participants of the Mexican National Committee Forum in Mexico City Photo: Ame Ramos Castillo

    Highlighting Human Dimensions of Conservation


    CEESP News - by Ameyali Ramos, CEESP Deputy Chair   The Mexican National Committee of IUCN Members hosted a Forum in Mexico City, Mexico from 23 to 25 October 2018. The Forum provided an opportunity to review the progress of IUCN Mexican Member...

  • Photo of protests by Avik Roy Photo: Avik Roy

    Democracy in the Woods: Environmental Conservation and Social Justice in India, Tanzania, and Mexico


    CEESP News - by Dr. Prakash Kashwan, Univesity of Connecticut  How do societies negotiate the apparently competing agendas of environmental protection and social justice? Why do some countries perform much better than others? Democracy in the Woods...

  • At the festivities in central Mexico it is common for rural communities to use masks, decorations and costumes depicting the jaguar At the festivities in central Mexico, it is common for rural communities to use masks, decorations, and costumes depicting the jaguar. Photo: Angel Daen Morales Garcia

    Jaguars and Culture: Public Policies for Integrated Conservation in Mexico


    CEESP News - Angel Daen Morales Garcia and Jonatan Job Morales Garcia In collaboration with the Federal Congresswoman Erika Aracelia Rodriguez Hernandez, and as part of the Biofutura A.C conservation strategies for the jaguar, a proposal was...

  • CEESP Member Accomplishments - Fall 2018


    We would like to highlight recent professional achievements made by our accomplished CEESP members! 

  • Harvesting octopus from a locally managed marine area in Aceh, Indonesia Credit: A’al Syafrizaldi/FFI Harvesting octopus from a locally managed marine area in Aceh, Indonesia Photo: A’al Syafrizaldi/FFI

    Biodiversity conservation initiatives have unfulfilled potential to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals


    CEESP News - by Dr. Helen Schneider, Flora and Fauna International The University of Cambridge has launched an online tool to help conservationists identify how biodiversity projects can contribute to the SDG targets. The tool draws on the experiences of...

  • Green Crime in Mexico Photo: Ines Arroyo

    Green Crime in Mexico


    CEESP News - by Dr. Ines Arroyo-Quiroz and Tanya Wyatt Green Crime in Mexico: A Collection of Case Studies (2018) offers a unique exploration of the key green criminological issues in Mexico. Builds on a rapidly growing area of scholarship in Latin...

  • Figure 4 Photo: Andre Francisco Pilon

    Returning Earth to Mankind and Mankind to Earth: An Ecosystemic Approach to Advocacy, Public Policies, Research and Teaching Programmes


    CEESP News - by André Francisco Pilon, University of São Paulo / Int. Academy of Science, Health & Ecology In view of the overwhelming pressures on the global environment and the need to disrupt the systems that drive them, an ecosystemic...

  • The Deep South Photo: © Frans Lanting /

    Madagascar's Southern Region: A socio-economic, historic, cultural, political, anthropological and environmental analysis


    CEESP News - by Tim Healy, AQUATERRE "The Deep South" study walks us from the past to the present examining the evolution of the semi-arid lands of southern Madagascar. From trading to semi-nomadism to sedentary agriculture, the peoples of the region have...


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