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Policy Matters 19 -cover

Policy Matters 19, April 2014

Remembering Elinor Ostrom: Her work and its contribution to the theory and practice of conservation and sustainable natural resource management

Policy Matters 19 - Remembering Elinor Ostrom: Full publication

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Policy Matters 19 - Preface, Introductions and Chapters 1-5
Policy Matters 19- Chapters 6-11

Table of Contents
1. Governing India’s Commons: The Influence of Elinor Ostrom’s Ideas - Harini Nagendra, Rucha Ghate, Jagdeesh Rao
2. The Impact of Elinor Ostrom’s Scholarship on Commons Governance in Mexico: An Overview - Raul Pacheco-Vega
3. Rompiendo paradigmas: Gobernanza de los bienes comunes y ciudadanía en las políticas forestal y de conservación Mexicanas -Leticia Merino Pérez
4. An Assessment of Community Management of Traditional Woodland Enclosures(Hiza’ti) in the Highlands of Eritrea - Bereket Tsehaye Haile
5. Governing the Commons Through Customary Law Systems of Water Governance: The Case of the Marakwet -Elizabeth Gachenga
6. Researching Complex Governance Arrangements: Elinor Ostrom’s Legacy for Research Methods and the Analysis of Institutional Design -Derek Kauneckis
7.Advancing Algonquin Recognition and Participation in Forest Management in Québec, Canada - Rosanne Van Schie
8. From Theory to Practice: A Decade of Co-managing Pasture and Other Natural Resources in Mongolia - Hijaba Ykhanbai and Ronnie Vernooy
9. Recognition of the Role of Collective Action among Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in the Convention on Biological Diversity - Diego Pacheco
10. Are Ostrom’s Design Principles Sufficient for Design?
Arun Agrawal and Jesse Ribot
11. Un son para Lin Ostrom
Caña Dulce y Caña Brava



CEESP Policy Matters 18 Cover

Policy Matters 18, November 2011


Macroeconomic Policies, Livelihoods and Sustainability

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  1. Cover, Table of Contents & Foreward
  2. Overview: Macroeconomic Policies for Sustainability
  3. Macroeconomic policy and environmental sustainability: the case of transgenic soybean production in Argentina 
  4. The financial and fiscal roots of deforestation in the Amazon 
  5. Costa Rica: Fiscal policy and payment for environmental services 
  6. Ecuador: Environmental deterioriation and monetary policy
  7. Mexico: The Neoliberal Macroeconomic Policy Package, Stagnation and Environmental Degradation
  8. The challenge of socio-economic and ecological sustainability in India under neo-liberal macroeconomic policies
  9. Globalisation and its Alternatives: A View from India



Front cover of CEESP Policy Matters 17

Policy Matters 17, October 2010

Exploring the Right to Diversity in Conservation Law, Policy, and Practice

Table of Contents, Acronyms, Editorial Team Biographies, Acknowledgments, Foreword, and Editorial



Policy Matters 16

Policy Matters 16, October 2008

Climate Change, Energy Change and Conservation

Download the entire document (3.8 MB)

Table of Contents, Letter of the Chair and Editorial
Section 1 - Climate change and the energy crisis
Section 2 - Climate change and protected areas
Section 3 - Climate change and livelihoods
Section 4 - Climate change and forests
Section 5 - Climate change and policy
Book reviews, CEESP activities and Steering Committee





Policy Matters 15, July 2007

Conservation and Human Rights

Download the entire document (7.38 MB)

Cover, Table of contents and letter from the Chair and Editorial

Section I: What ARE human rights anyway?

Section II: Conservation can undermine human rights...

Section III: ... but conservation and human rights can also work in mutual support ...

Section IV: ... within, and only within, a supportive enabling environment ...

Section V: Book Reviews

Section VI: CEESP News and Events


PM 14

Policy Matters 14, March 2006

Poverty, Wealth and Conservation

Download the entire document (10.01 MB)

Cover, Table of contents and letters from the Chair and Editors

Section I: Policy that matters!

Section II: Livelihoods and conservation- arguments shaping the debate

Section III: The intertwined roots of poverty, wealth and environmental degradation

Section IV: Conservation can end up enhancing poverty

Section V: ...but conservation can also provide livelihood benefits...

Section VI: ...if initiatives embrace rights, secure access to resources and real participation..

Section VII: Resources from CEESP members 



PM 13

Policy Matters 13, November 2004

History, Culture and Conservation

Download the entire document (7.08 MB)

Table of Contents and letters from the Chair and Editors

Section I: Conservation as cultural and political practice

Section II: A “cultural approach” to conservation?

Section III: Understanding and measuring biocultural diversity

Section IV: New resources from CEESP members 



PM 12

Policy Matters 12, September 2003

Community Empowerment for Conservation

Download the entire document (6 MB)



PM 11

Policy Matters 11, September 2003

Trade, Environment and Investment: Cancun and beyond

Download the entire document  (1.5 MB)

Cover, Table of Contents and Letters from the Editor and Chair

Section 1: Trade, Biodivesity and Environment: Crafting the link

Section 2: Environment and Trade Regimes: Relations and linkages

Section 3: Regional and national focus

Section 4: Trade and IUCN

Letters to the editor, Network News, Events at Cancun and beyond, CEESP Steering Committee




Policy Matters 10, September 2002

Sustainable Livelihoods and Co-management of Natural Resources

Download the entire document (2.9 MB)

Table of Contents
Section 1 - Policy affects livelihoods!
Section 2 - Community organizing and action
Section 3 - Co-managing the sources of livelihoods
Section 4 - Learning from practice
Section 5 - New resources from CEESP members 



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