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  • Langscape Magazine cover Front cover of Terralingua's Langscape Magazine, Vol. 7:2, Winter 2018. Photo: Mateo Hinojosa, 2018.

    “Nourishing the Body and Soul”: Terralingua’s Langscape Magazine Explores the Biocultural Diversity of Food


    CEESP News - by TerraLingua Being together, sharing food. More than any other activity, the preparation, and consumption of meals sets the rhythm of human life. Over thousands of years, different cultures have painstakingly fine-tuned their production of...

  • Signs on the Earth Photo: Fazlun Khalid

    Signs on the Earth; Islam, Modernity and the Climate Crisis


    This book, by one of the world’s leading Muslim environmentalists, explores what is perhaps the greatest threat humanity faces today, namely climate change.

  • Mrs. Betty, left, and Mrs. Ana, right, both leaders of the Uniko Café Mrs. Betty, left, and Mrs. Ana, right, both leaders of the Uniko Café Photo: Daniel Maydana/ CI Bolivia

    Transforming indigenous women’s lives through coffee and community in Bolivia


    CEESP News - by Lydia Cardona, Conflict Resolution and Peace Manager, Conservation International  “We work arduously,” Mrs. Betty tells me over the phone. “For us, it’s hard, leaving our homes, leaving our children…My husband would ask, ‘How will you...

  • African indigenous delegates strategizing in Katowice African indigenous delegates strategizing in Katowice Photo: Kanyinke Sena

    Traditional Knowledge key in achieving Africa’s climate goals


    CEESP News - by Kanyinke Sena, co-chair of Specialist Group on Indigenous Peoples, Customary and Environmental Law, and Human Rights A key outcome of UNFCCC COP 24 in Poland, was the further operationalization of the Local Communities and Indigenous...

  • Warren Lavey Photo: Holly Rosencranz

    Students Study Protected Areas and Learn About Climate Change and Human Health Impacts


    CEESP News - by Warren G. Lavey, University of Illinois  In a university environmental policy course addressing the benefits, protections, and challenges for natural areas, lessons, and students’ research papers provided training about the many...

  • Panelists at the UNFCCC Photo: Pasang Dolma Sherpa

    Asian Indigenous People's struggle in COP 24


    CEESP News - by Pasang Dolma Sherpa, PhD, co-chair of SPICEH Indigenous peoples from Asia, who participated in the COP 24 of the UNFCCC in Katowice, Poland from 2 to 14th Dec. 2018, felt the very important step in strengthening indigenous peoples’ roles,...

  • Panelists at the UNFCCC From left to right: Grace Wong, Tebtebba; Benoit Bosquet, The World Bank Group; Hindou Ibrahim, Indigenous Peoples Coordinating Committee of Africa, IPACC; Kristen Walker Painemilla, CEESP Chair; Johnson Cerda, Conservation International; Idrissa Zeba, DGM Burkino Faso; Lucrecia Campos, Costa Rica Communal Development Associations. Photo: Luis Barquin

    Outcomes of the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform


    Report from CEESP Chair, Kristen Walker Painemilla Last week after three years of work, the 24th meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP24) reached a major accomplishment with a draft decision on the Local Communities and Indigenous...

  • Western gray whale in Sakhalin Western gray whale in Sakhalin  Photo: Yuri Yakovlev

    IUCN seeks whale conservation experts to advise on energy development impacts


    IUCN seeks applications from qualified individuals to serve on its independent scientific and technical advisory panel to minimize impacts on western gray whales during offshore oil and gas development near Sakhalin Island in the Russian Far East....

  • Call for Nominations/Expressions of Interest for Chair(s) of the Theme on Governance, Equity and Rights (TGER)


    CEESP News  The Chair of CEESP seeks nominations/expressions of interest for the position of TGER Chair. Candidates for the Chair should preferably be familiar with CEESP and be committed to working cross-sectorally across different disciplines....

  • The development and use of biodiversity indicators in business The development and use of biodiversity indicators in business. Photo: Shutterstock

    Navigating business indicators on biodiversity just got easier


    Paris, France, 29 November 2018 (IUCN) – Businesses struggling to identify indicators to measure their environmental performance will benefit from a new report released today by IUCN and Oxford University during Natural Capital Week.


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