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  • Samburu women group working to market community beadwork artifacts Biodiversity thrives in the care of indigenous communities, and integrating their insights into conservation is proving indispensable. Photo: Chris Peken

    IUCN Director General’s Statement on International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples 2019


    We cannot achieve conservation and wellbeing for people and planet unless we respect and value the rights of indigenous peoples. For centuries, indigenous peoples across the world have preserved much of Earth’s biodiversity. At this precipice of history,...

  • IASC Lima Conference Photo: IASC

    Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue - a Key for Conservation in Indigenous Territories


    CEESP NEWS - CEESP's theme on Governace, Equity and Rights (TGER), headed by Melanie Zurba and Purabi Bose, lead a multi-stakeholder dialogue at the XVII Biennial International Association for the Study of Commons (IASC) Conference 2019

  • Thriving Together Logo Photo: Margaret Pyke Trust Population & Sustainability Network

    Thriving Together: World Population Day


    CEESP NEWS - CEESP supports global campaign highlighting the importance of family planning to women and girls, and biodiversity conservation  

  • CCL Halifax International Conference Photo: IUCN, CCRN

    Announcing the CCL Conference Proceedings!


    CEESP News - IUCN CEESP & Community Conservation Research Network (CCRN) 2018 Conference Proceedings and Resource Centre

  • GrowGreen: Nature in the City Photo: ©Shutterstock/Olga Kashubin

    Nature in the City: Green solutions for sustainable, healthy and resilient Cities


    Today the world population stands at 7.7 billion. In the next 30 years it is expected to grow by a further 2.9 billion. By 2100, according to the latest UN projections, humanity is expected to have developed into an almost exclusively urban...

  • ipbes Photo: Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

    Options for Governance and Decision-making across Scales and Sectors


    CEESP News - by Dr. Marina Rosales Benites de Franco, Professor and Researcher of Federico Villarreal National University The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) regional assessment objectives...

  • Pasang Dolma Sherpa speaking at the UNPFII 2019 Photo: Vu Thi Hien

    Indigenous Peoples’ Struggle for Recognition of Traditional Knowledge & the UNPFII


    CEESP News - by Pasang Dolma Sherpa, Co-Chair of CEESP Specialist Group on Indigenous Peoples, Customary & Environmental Laws & Human Rights The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) is a high- level advisory body...

  • people posing in front of Maya ruin Photo: Azucena Flores

    Peer-to-peer learning: Indigenous peoples share solutions


    Forty-two representatives of indigenous organisations from around the world recently met in Tecpan, Guatemala to share experiences and learn from one another on environmental, business and social issues – taking another step toward a common understanding.

  • Marseille, France Photo: jbdodane/Flickr

    One-year countdown to world’s leading biodiversity event begins


    “Biodiversity is now on the international agenda to the same degree as the fight against climate change. It is essential to create an international dynamic in favour of biodiversity, with increased awareness and the involvement of the general public. By...

  • Announcing two new specialist groups sara gerpheide Photo: Amanda Rodriguez

    Announcing two new Specialist Groups


    CEESP is excited to announce two new Specialist Groups to work across disciplines to enhance the CEESP strategic plan leading up to the World Conservation Congress in 2020. If your area of expertise falls within one of these groups, we invite you to join...


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