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  • Wave of concern about climate impacts on oceans


    Eminent scientists and faith leaders came together at the UNFCCC COP22 in Marrakech to address the urgent climate crisis in our oceans. Dr Nigel Crawhall, IUCN CEESP Chair of the Specialist Group on Religion, Spirituality, Environmental Conservation...

  • Vote for your Heritage Hero


    Five outstanding individuals in three natural World Heritage sites have been shortlisted as Heritage Heroes for their exceptional work in protecting some of the world's most precious natural areas. Discover their inspiring stories and decide who will...

  • Candidates Meher Noshriwani (left) and Kristen Walker Painemilla (right) at the He’eia fishponds, Hawai’i, 2015

    Introducing the two candidates for CEESP Chair 2016-2020


    There are two candidates for CEESP Chair, Meher Noshriwani (Pakistan) and Kristen Walker Painemilla (USA).  Both Meher and Kristen are current members of the CEESP Steering Committee and therefore familiar with the work, structure and governance of CEESP...

  • Workshop with IUCN's Indigenous Peoples Member Organizations, Antigua Guatemala, April 2016.

    Engaging IUCN’s Indigenous Member Organizations more broadly in IUCN


    By Kristen Walker-Painemilla (Chair, CEESP Specialist Group on Indigenous Peoples, Customary & Environmental Laws and Human Rights) Traditional indigenous territories cover up to 24% of the world’s land surface and contain a large share of the...

  • Women in Tharparkar, Pakistan

    Climate Change and its Impact on Gender in Rural areas of Sindh, Pakistan


    By: Meher Noshriwani (Regional Vice-Chair of Asian, CEESP; Candidate for CEESP Chair 2016-2020) We had an easy routine each day, and worked collectively. Young women collected grass, and others picked cotton. Now we work all the time, we collect grass,...

  • Reaching sustainable solutions through effective negotiation


    This workshop will build capacity in dispute resolution and negotiation by providing participants with 1) a good understanding of the process and approaches to dispute resolution and negotiation, 2) an opportunity to practice some key skills for...

  • View of the WWF Oasis of Macchiagrande and Vasche di Maccarese 

    Inventorying and Monitoring Wetlands


    By: James Karimi (CEESP Member) Wetlands are one of the ecosystems with the highest ecological diversity, an elevated production, ecologically fragile and characterized by species and habitats which result as one of the most threatened. These environments...

  • Chair's Comments | CEESP


    This edition of the Commission newsletter will be my last as Chair of CEESP. I have had the honour of leading this incredible Commission and network of experts for the past eight years and representing CEESP on the IUCN Council and at a wide array...

  • Moana Pasifika Voyage

    Moana Pasifika Voyage: A movement for a sustainable ocean


      For the past millennia, the cultures of the Pacific have made their homes amongst islands only accessible through dedication and enduring courage to explore beyond the horizon across an open sea. In order to realize each journey into the distance,...


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