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#NatureForAll resources

Connect with nature on World Environment Day

PDF iconConnect with Nature on World Environment Day

PDF iconRapprochez-vous de la nature la Journée mondiale de l'environnement

PDF iconConectar con la naturaleza en el Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente

The #NatureForAll Playbook

An Action Guide for Inspiring Love of Nature

PDF iconNatureForAll Playbook ENG

PDF iconNatureForAll Playbook FRA

PDF iconNatureForAll Playbook ESP

The IUCN Youth Voices Curriculum Sourcebook

An international curriculum resource for teachers developed by the East-West Center in partnership with IUCN/#NatureForAll and others.

PDF iconIUCN Youth Voices Curriculum Sourcebook ENG

PDF iconManuel de référence pédagogique FRA

PDF iconManual de referencia curricular ESP

I'm with Nature

A guide for how to connect with nature and contribute to science in partnership with iNaturalist. From June 1 to 12 people can record the biodiversity that surronds them.

PDF iconNature database

World Environment Day Lesson Plan

Lessons ideas for teachers, courtesy of UN Environment.


PDF iconWorld Environment Day Lesson Plan

PDF iconJournée mondiale environnement Scénario pédagogique FRA


Anna's Forest Comic

An IUCN #NatureForAll Comic where Anna and family experience the Maya Forest and take action to support conservation in their city.

Protecting life on land - Sustainable Development Goal 15  

PDF iconAnna's Forest ENG

PDF iconLa forêt d'Anna FRA

PDF iconEl Bosque de Ana ESP


#NatureForAll - Film "Imagine"

Winner of an IndieFEST Film Award. It received the Award of Excellence Special Mention: Use of Film / Video for Social Change, and Nature / Environment / Wildlife.

View the video in English, en français, en español.

#NatureForAll - Brochure and Fact Sheet

PDF icon#NatureForAll brochure English

PDF icon#NatureForAll brochure French

PDF icon#NatureForAll brochure en Español


PDF icon#NatureForAll Fact Sheet

Annie Sunbeam Comic

Annie Sunbeam and Friends take on ocean clean-up.

Protecting life below water - Sustainable Development Goal 14  

PDF iconAnnie Sunbeam Comic



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