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#NatureForAll resources

#NatureForAll update 2017

#NatureForAll Update 2017

PDF icon#NatureForAll Annual Update 2017




Connect with nature on World Environment Day

PDF iconConnect with Nature on World Environment Day

PDF iconRapprochez-vous de la nature la Journée mondiale de l'environnement

PDF iconConectar con la naturaleza en el Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente

The #NatureForAll Playbook

An Action Guide for Inspiring Love of Nature

PDF icon#NatureForAll Playbook ENG

PDF icon#NatureForAll Playbook FRA

PDF icon#NatureForAll Playbook ESP

PDF icon#NatureForAll Playbook CHN

The IUCN Youth Voices Curriculum Sourcebook

An international curriculum resource for teachers developed by the East-West Center in partnership with IUCN/#NatureForAll and others.

PDF iconIUCN Youth Voices Curriculum Sourcebook ENG

PDF iconManuel de référence pédagogique FRA

PDF iconManual de referencia curricular ESP

I'm with Nature

A guide for how to connect with nature and contribute to science in partnership with iNaturalist. From June 1 to 12 people can record the biodiversity that surronds them.

PDF iconNature database

World Environment Day Lesson Plan

Lessons ideas for teachers, courtesy of UN Environment.


PDF iconWorld Environment Day Lesson Plan

PDF iconJournée mondiale environnement Scénario pédagogique FRA


Anna's Forest Comic

Anna's Forest focuses on the need to protect life on land (SDG #15). After Anna’s father finds out that he is facing some serious health concerns, enhanced by the pollution in the city, she and her family temporarily move to the countryside. Initially, Anna and her younger brother are uneasy about leaving their life in the city, but with time they come to experience a special connection with nature. When they leave the countryside, Anna feels ready to support conservation in her neighborhood and beyond! After arriving at home, she and her brother decide to create a forest right in the city, bringing nature with them wherever they go and inspiring others to make a change. The comic explores the dire effects of pollution, the consequences deforestation, forest conservation and biodiversity, and more importantly, our love for nature! The comic is a partnership with Tinta Vital, Parks Canada, PCI Media Impact, UNICEF, World’s Largest Lesson, WCPA, IUCN and CEC.

PDF iconAnna's Forest ENG

PDF iconLa forêt d'Anna FRA

PDF iconEl Bosque de Ana ESP

#NatureForAll - Film "Imagine"

Winner of an IndieFEST Film Award. It received the Award of Excellence Special Mention: Use of Film / Video for Social Change, and Nature / Environment / Wildlife.

View the video in English, français, español, italiano, português, slovenski.  

#NatureForAll Flyer


PDF icon#NFA Flyer


#NatureForAll New Brochure

PDF icon#NatureForAll brochure ENG

PDF icon#NatureForAll brochure FRA

PDF icon#NatureForAll brochure ESP

#NatureForAll Workbook

Building a toolkit to implement #NatureForAll worldwide


PDF icon#NatureForAll Workbook ENG


#NatureForAll - Brochure and Fact Sheet

PDF icon#NatureForAll brochure English

PDF icon#NatureForAll brochure French

PDF icon#NatureForAll brochure en Español


PDF icon#NatureForAll Fact Sheet

Annie Sunbeam Comic

Annie Sunbeam and Friends concentrates on life below water (SDG #14). In the comic, Annie, the heroic leader of the intergalactic, cross-species Solution to Pollution Crew, is an interplanetary being, with extraordinary powers and extraterrestrial technology. Annie decides to travel to earth in her Space Cab for a nice and relaxing vacation. Her plan is quickly interrupted when she observes the harmful behavior of humans towards the environment, oceans, rivers and streams. Soon, her vacation turns into an investigation as she uncovers the mind-controlling daze which is causing people to harm their own planet.  Annie Sunbeam and friends are on a mission to put an end to the daze, create awareness, and positively impact the environment and world we live in. The comic was illustrated by famed DC Comics artist Bernard Chang and co-written by Debbie Margolis Horwitz, Jill Schneider and Bernard Chang. The comic is a partnership with Animo Grande, UNICEF, PCI Media Impact and World’s Largest Lesson.  

PDF iconAnnie Sunbeam Comic



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