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#NatureForAll Health and Nature Flyer Photo: #NatureForAll Health and Nature Flyer

Health and Nature Connecting People with the Environment to improve Health and Well-Being Flyer


#NatureForAll Flyer Photo: iucn #NatureForAll Flyer

Connecting with Nature - Se rapprocher de la NatureConectar con la Naturaleza

This document illuminates the diverse values of experiences and connections with nature and their relationship to positive behaviours towards the Earth

#NatureForALL - Home to us all #NatureForALL - Home to us all Photo: IUCN

Home to us all
Home to Us All: How Connecting with Nature Helps Us Care for Ourselves and the Earth is intended for a variety of people and purposes. Feel free to use its contents, with attribution to the source. You may use it in its entirety, or excerpt parts of it, noting “Reprinted with permission from the Children & Nature Network, ©2018.” In addition to this full publication, there are other resources, including a summary titled Connecting with Nature to Care for Ourselves and the Earth: Recommendations for Decision Makers available from and

 The #NatureForAll Playbook offers suggestions and possibilities, but also emphasizes the importance of knowing yourself or your organization, and connecting on your own terms—inspiring the love and support for Nature that will lead to increased action for its conservation now and into the future.

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This Youth Voices Curriculum Sourcebook for younger generations, aims to infuse nature into teaching and learning endeavors, to help (re)connect children and youth with nature, and to inspire their passion and action for its conservation now and into the future. This Sourcebook is intended as a flexible tool to complement and enhance existing school curricula. The activities are versatile and intended to be useful to teachers around the globe, even considering the realities of varying access to resources like time, materials, and technology. Most activities are low-tech or no-tech.

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World Environment Day Lesson Plan

Lessons ideas for teachers, courtesy of UN Environment.




Anna's Forest Comic

Anna's Forest focuses on the need to protect life on land (SDG #15). After Anna’s father finds out that he is facing some serious health concerns, enhanced by the pollution in the city, she and her family temporarily move to the countryside. Initially, Anna and her younger brother are uneasy about leaving their life in the city, but with time they come to experience a special connection with nature. 

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#NatureForAll - Film "Imagine"

Winner of an IndieFEST Film Award. It received the Award of Excellence Special Mention: Use of Film / Video for Social Change, and Nature / Environment / Wildlife.

View the video in English, français, español, italiano, português, slovenski.  

#NatureForAll Brochure

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#NatureForAll Workbook

Building a toolkit to implement #NatureForAll worldwide



#NatureForAll - Brochure and Fact Sheet

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Fact Sheet

PDF icon#NatureForAll Fact Sheet

Annie Sunbeam Comic

Annie Sunbeam and Friends concentrates on life below water (SDG #14). In the comic, Annie, the heroic leader of the intergalactic, cross-species Solution to Pollution Crew, is an interplanetary being, with extraordinary powers and extraterrestrial technology. Annie decides to travel to earth in her Space Cab for a nice and relaxing vacation.




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