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The CEC recognizes that the scientific knowledge and conservation polices generated by the IUCN are more successful in the motivation of action when it is supported with constructive dialogs. Therefore, to make the IUCN more effective at reaching its goals, the CEC creates an active community within the Union through the utilization of cutting edge learning techniques and knowledge management processes. 

CEC is looking for change and management specialists, strategic communication and marketing experts, learning and capacity development practitioners, conservationists, behavioural and conservation psychologists, and educators from all sectors. 
Membership provides access to a learning community with common goals. Members are invited to initiate and participate in activities, exchange ideas, contribute their opinions and apply their expertise. Members enjoy opportunities to advise on policy and strategy in support of IUCN priorities. 

Visit the highlighted pages if you would like to know more about CEC’s program overview for 2017-2020, membership guide, specialty groups, resources and to get to know the CEC members sitting on the steering committee.

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