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For general information about the Commission on Education and Communication, please email

For queries about CEC membership please fill in the Commission Contact Form

For more specific information, please see below and contact the relevant CEC Leader

Sean Southey Photo: Sean Southey Katalin Czippan Photo: Katalin Czippan Camila Perez Gabilondo Photo: IUCN
Sean Southey
CEC Chair

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Katalin Czippán
IUCN CEC Deputy Chair
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Camila Perez Gabilondo
CEC Programme Officer 
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Regional Vice Chairs


Tommy Garnett, IUCN CEC Regional VIce Chair Photo: CEC Brahim Haddane Photo: IUCN Margaret Otieno Photo: IUCN Photo Library
Tommy Garnett
West and Central Africa

E-mail - Website - BIO

Brahim Haddane
North Africa

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Margaret Otieno
Eastern and Southern Africa

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Ana Valerie Mandri Rohen Photo: IUCN #NFA    

Ana Valerie Mandri Rohen
Mexico, North America and the Caribbean

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Hanying Li, IUCN CEC Steering Committee Photo: CEC Balakrishna Pisupati Photo: Balakrishna Pisupati Firas T. Abd-Alhadi Photo: Firas T. Abd-Alhadi

Hanying Li
East Asia

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Balakrishna Pisupati
South and Southeastern Asia
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Firas T. Abd-Alhadi
West Asia

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Europe and Central Asia

Peter Paul van Kempen portrait Peter Paul van Kempen portrait Photo: Lisa Diephuis Alex Zavarzin Photo: IUCN Library  

Peter Paul van Kempen
West Europe
E-mail - Website - BIO

Aleksey A. Zavarzin
Eastern Europe and Central Asia
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CEC Expert

Daniel Cooney Photo: IUCN library Christian Hofer Photo: IUCN Karen Keenleyside Photo: Karen Keenleyside
Daniel Cooney
Email - WebsiteBIO

Christian Hofer
Email - WebsiteBIO

Karen Keenleyside 

Email - Website - BIO

Cheryl Charles Photo: Cheryl Charles Sudhanshu Sarronwala Photo: Sudhanshu Sarronwala  

Cheryl Charles
Email - Website - Bio

Sudhanshu (“Suds”) Sarronwala
Email - Bio

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