Commission on Education and Communication


Sean Southey

 “I see the role of our Commission as advancing our collective capacity to use the tools, ideas and creative approaches of education and communication to help create the social norms, values, organizations and behaviors that will help us realize the vision of IUCN and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Sean Southey,
Chair, IUCN Commission on Education and Communication 

CEC members are professionals from around the globe who volunteer their time and talent in pursuit of sustainability. Our 1,700 members work together to strengthen IUCN and the wider conservation community. As CEC members, we support IUCN to unlock the potential of networks to connect conservation with human values, and to motivate conservation values, norms, behaviours and actions.

In our Mandate for the period 2017-2020, the Commission makes it a priority to help broker valuable strategic and non-traditional alliances. We aim to design generative processes and create environments where people can think, talk and act differently with one another, in order to find new, creative pathways to success. 

Members are provided access to a learning community with common goals and are invited to initiate and participate in activities, exchange ideas, contribute their opinions and apply their expertise. Members enjoy opportunities to advise on policy and strategy in support of IUCN priorities. All members are encouraged to exchange ideas, contribute opinions, apply their expertise and share updates about projects and programmes on CEC platforms.

Get involved! Become a CEC member, contact other members through the Union portal, and share your stories and initiatives through the CEC news page, Facebook and Twitter.

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