Commission on Ecosystem Management

West Asia

IUCN Jordan, Zarqa River

CEM West Asia Regional Chair: Tamar Khafaga
CEM West Asia Regional Co Chair: Ashraf Al Otaibi
CEM Steering Committee Focal Point: Madhav Karki

States and Territories of the Region

Bahrain - Iraq - Jordan - Kazakhstan - Kuwait - Lebanon - Oman - Palestine - Qatar - Saudi Arabia - Syria - United Arab Emirates - Yemen

Regional Objectives

CEM West and Central Asia aim is to contribute to the CEM vision of “Healthy, resilient ecosystems that conserve nature and sustain life". For this; 1). to promote sustainable management of ecosystems, 2). to enhance ecosystem based adaptation and management strategies in the context of climate changes and 3). to develop awareness and understanding about ecosystem restoration and support the work in resilience. We also develop academic and scientific collaboration with academia, ministries, governmental organizations, NGO's and community based organizations in our regional countries.

Through our regional programs during 2017-2020, we promote the adoption of, and provide guidance for, ecosystem approaches to the management of landscapes and seascapes and build resilience of socio-ecological systems to address global changes.

CEM West and Central Asia will focus on working with the our regional scientists, members, secretariat, governmental organizations and NGO's to carry out the following Programs during 2017- 2020:

Regional Capacity Building Training Workshops

The goal of the Capacity Building training workshop is to enhance awareness and understanding of issues related to conservation and management of ecosystem, Importance of Red List of Ecosystems, Ecosystem Based Adaptation to Climate Change, Disaster Risk Reduction,  Management of Specific ecosystems such as Urban ecosystems, Wetlands, Biodiversity and to build the capacity within the regional countries to address these issues. Through Capacity Building training workshops, we will establish a network of regional experts/ professionals in our region for future.

CEM-West Asian region is planning to undertake the following Capacity Building training workshops for the West and Central Asia Regional countries during 2017-2020:
1. Links in Biodiversity Conservation, Ecosystem Services and Climate Change

2. Biodiversity Management and Climate Change

3. Monitoring, Conservation and Management of Protected Areas

4. Conservation and Management of Protected Areas with GIS and Drone

5. Conservation and Management of Wetlands

6. Assessment of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services of Wetlands

Red List of Ecosystems

Initiate the preparation process of Regional Red List of Ecosystems (RLE) with the help of IUCN local Secretariats, academia, governmental and non-governmental organizations in the regional countries. Our vision is to try create the first draft of Red List of Ecosystems of our regional countries upto 2020.

Specific Ecosystems and Biomes Oriented Programs

CEM West/ Central Asia will continue to our academic and scientific awareness programs for specific ecosystems such as Arid, Mangrove ecosystems, wetlands, etc.

During 2014-2016 tenure we developed some cooperation with governmental and academic institutions in our regional countries. For the 2017-2020 session we hope to establish new connections and arrange conferences, capacity building training workshops activities, database of scientific literature and develop research projects. 


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