Commission on Ecosystem Management

South East Asia

Flooded forest is life for Kampong Phluk community fisheries © IUCN Cambodia

Regional Chairs
Kwai Hin Han and Kien Dang

CEM SC Focal Point
Madhav Karki

States and Territories of the Region

Brunei Darussalam - Cambodia - Indonesia - Lao - Malaysia - Myanmar - Phillipines - Singapore - Thailand - Timor-Leste - Viet Nam

The Objectives within this CEM region are to:

  • Promote and support ’the maintenance of healthy and resilient ecosystems’ as a key and vital tool for biodiversity conservation, livelihoods enhancement, and sustainable development
  • Provide guidelines and examples of ‘ecosystem approaches to wise use of ecosystems and natural resources’ to practitioners and communities at all levels
  • Communication, education, participation, and public awareness of ecosystem services and values

Collaborations/Partnerships to help achieve the objectives for this region:

  • IUCN Southeast Asia Regional Office
  • Center for Human Ecology Studies of Highland in Vietnam
  • Royal Belum State Park in Malaysia
  • Ramsar Center Japan
  • Ramsar Culture Network, Ramsar Convention Secretariat
  • Wetlands International Japan
  • University Network for Wetland Research and Trainings in the Mekong Region
  • International Crane Foundation, USA

For 2017 we have planned the following activities:

  • To form a network of schools, school-teachers, and school-students in the vicinity of ecosystems of international importance to support CEM's on-ground activities and education for sustainable development
  • University Network for Wetland Research and Trainings in the Mekong Region
  • Ecological Restoration through the Preservation and Propagation of Native Local Species in Vietnam
  • Improving Ecological Livelihoods and Well-being through Co-management of Natural Resources
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of resource management in protected areas

Regional Chair

Kwai Hin Han


Kien Dang


Focal point: Madhav Karki

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