Commission on Ecosystem Management

Coastal and Marine

Basking turtles at Muiron Islands, Ningaloo Coast Australia

Specialist Group Leader Jean-Jacques Goussard 
Specialist Group Co-Leader Mathieu Ducrocq 
SC Focal point: Kelvin Passfield 

IUCN CEM Coastal Marine Project Framework

Focus: Regional adaptive ecosystem based management for coastal catchments and territorial seas. Approach: CEM to work through regional members and with regional offices.

Phase 1.  Scope current situation and 5 to 25 year outlook for coastal ecosystem management.

  • Human uses, impacts, dependencies
  • Governance context
  • Ecosystem services
  • Use of visible services
  • Reliance and impacts on invisible services
  • Cost of replacement  or adaptation
  • Biodiversity roles
  • Redlist of threatened species
  • Redlist of threatened ecosystems
  • Critical and or sensitive habitats of economic species
  • Inventory of projects/programs addressing elements of ecosystem based management
  • Identify opportunities/gaps for engaging in new and/or continuing projects
  • Identify key hero institutions and individuals at scales from local to regional who might strengthen and be strengthened by membership of CEM and implementation of EBM projects.

Phase 2.  Develop, and work with the Secretariat, to raise funding and in-kind support for projects to implement and advance coastal and marine EBM. Engage with EMP, WCPA, CEESP, CEL and the IUCN Marine Program to achieve coherence and mutual coordination of marine and coastal actions.

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