Commission on Ecosystem Management

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The Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM) includes more than 1,000 volunteer ecosystem management experts from around the globe.

Membership in the Commission on Ecosystem Management is open to any individual who has earned an academic degree (Bachelors, MSc or PhD) in a field relevant to Ecosystem Management or has substantial experience in managing an ecosystem and has skills determined important to the work of a Thematic Group, Task Force, Region or the Commission as a whole.

The candidate must be open and respectful in collaboration with partners from within and outside IUCN.

  • If asked to represent the Commission in a meeting or discussion they are obliged to be supportive of IUCN policies and agreements.
  • As a general guideline, membership in the Commission requires 4-8 hours per month of volunteer service (e.g., reviewing/contributing to policy work, contributing case study documentation, assessing/evaluating case material, communicating Commission information, etc.).
  • All members of Commission Thematic Groups, Task Forces or any other working groups that may be established must meet the standards for membership in the Commission and be appointed to the membership per the procedures described above.
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