Commission on Ecosystem Management


Mission, Structure & Governance


Our Mission 

To provide expert guidance on integrated approaches to the management of natural and modified ecosystems to promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. 


The Commission is led by the Chair, Ms. Angela Andrade, who is supported by a Steering Committee, Regional Chairs and IUCN's Ecosystem Management Programme as CEM's Secretariat.  

Steering Committee

The SC provides leadership and guides the development and implementation of the CEM’s work. The SC also works to facilitate the establishment of CEM's Thematic Groups, identify and initiate fundraising opportunities, strengthen partnerships and promote membership.

CEM holds two SC meetings every year, and where possible does so in conjunction with a related workshop. Minutes of the last SC meeting can be downloaded from this webpage.

Regional Chairs

Regional Chairs provide leadership and guide the development and implementation of CEM’s work within their region. They also promote establishment of regionally based specialist groups, facilitate membership growth and foster initiatives for training and capacity building in the region.


Key Themes

CEM has identified 23 themes as programmatic priority for 2017 - 2020 in its intersessional plan. Each theme has a group of experts working on issues related to the theme and has a Thematic Group Leader facilitating the group's composition and functioning.

Apart from the Thematic Groups - open to all CEM members, CEM also has some special Task Forces. These Task Forces consist of a few experts within CEM or are combined task forces between different IUCN Commissions.

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