Operationalising the Kelani River Multi-Stakeholder Partnership

Water quality monitoring at the Kelani River by University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Project title: Operationalising the Kelani River Multi-Stakeholder Partnership

Location: Kelani River Basin, Sri Lanka

Duration: 12 months (30 Nov 2016 to 15 Nov 2017)

Project Background:

The Kelani River is home to 25% of Sri Lankans and provides drinking water for a rapidly expanding population of over 3 million.  At the same time the river ecosystem supports over 10,000 businesses, 37 highly populated local authority areas, agriculture plantations, and is a source of sand and gold.

Unfortunately, the Kelani is the most polluted river basin in the country, threatening the supply of drinking water for millions.

To balance development and the safety of clean drinking water, IUCN and several partners conceptualised the Kelani River Basin Multi-Stakeholder Partnership (KRMP) approach.

Brandix Lanka Ltd., Sri Lanka’s largest apparel exporter, is partnering with IUCN to operationalise the KRMP approach with initial emphasis on preparing the required information for stakeholder-led watershed planning and implementation. The process will also include sharing experiences on real time water quality monitoring in selected locations of the Kelani River Basin with Brandix. IUCN will play a project facilitation and management role to monitor water quality in minor watershed level and to develop partnerships to collaborate with government, private sector and communities interested in Kelani River conservation approach.

Objectives of the project:

  1. Strengthen the water quality monitoring in the Kelani River Basin;
  2. Develop knowledge products to facilitate environment management and conservation;
  3. Identify key stakeholder groups at minor-watershed level to initiate implementing best practices; and
  4. Promote the participation of more stakeholder entities in the KRMP initiative.

Expected Outputs:

  1. Minor watershed water quality report cards for 71 minor watersheds in the Kelani River Basin
  2. Online water quality monitoring stations
  3. Training material on best practices for source water protection and minor-watershed planning for water safety and the report
  4. Public-Private-Community partnerships and practices to minimise pollution
  5. web pages related to KRMP implementation

Donor:  Brandix Lanka (Pvt) Limited

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