Cleanup Project in Horton Plains National Park (HPNP) and Peak Wilderness Nature Reserve (PWNR)

Horton Plains National Park

Peak wilderness Nature Reserve Peak wilderness Nature Reserve Photo: Naalin Perera / IUCN Project title: Cleanup Project in Horton Plains National Park (HPNP) and Peak Wilderness Nature Reserve (PWNR)

Location: Horton Plain Nature Park and Peak Wilderness Nature Reserve

Duration: 1 April to 30 October 2020

Project Background:

The Peak Wilderness Nature Reserve (PWNR) and the Horton Plains National Park (HPNP) are among the most visited areas in the country with PWNR receiving mostly pilgrims and the HPNP being visited by local and international tourists. With the large intake of visitors into these National Reserves, there are threats to the natural environment due to anthropological activities including the haphazard disposal of waste. HSBC Bank has worked in the past in PWNR, HPNP and Knuckles Conservation Forest (KCF) in partnership with Department of Wildlife Conservation, Forest Department and IUCN as the only Bank to work in all three main parks in the sensitive Central Hills of Sri Lanka. For example, the visitors and the Government staff are sometimes not adequately aware of the need to conserve the same ecosystem they are visiting for long-term sustainability. Further their potential contributions and the roles towards the sustainability is not clearly understood.

Key issues affecting the ecosystems of PWNR and HPNP based on preliminary work include lack of:

a.  Coordinated mechanism and management systems for plastic and other waste 

b.  Knowledge on ecosystem damages due to pollution

c.  Partnerships towards sustainability in waste management, pollution reduction and services

As such this short-term project which was developed by the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) with the overarching objective of ensuring the long-term sustainability of the PWNR and HPNP using visitor services as the main entry point.

Objectives of the project

1. Minimize pollution and promote sustainable behaviour of visitors through empowered DWC affiliated and other volunteers

2.  Introduce a self-sustaining value added low-carbon system leading to eco-friendly visitor experience and services

The overall goal of the project is to seeking opportunities and entry points towards a sustainable waste management approach.

Expected Outputs

  • Waste free environment in PWNR and HPNP

Donor/s:  HSBC

Partner/s: Department of Wildlife Conservation

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