A high Himalayan range of northern Nepal

Nepal is richly endowed with natural resources across a variety of ecosystems such as forests, grasslands, wetlands, high mountains, the Himalayas and the lowland plains which provide invaluable habitats for flora and fauna, as well as goods and services to local people and the country as a whole. However, Nepal is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and is currently facing many other environmental challenges.

IUCN has been working in Nepal since the 1960s. The IUCN Nepal country office was formally opened in 1995 in close association with the Ministry of Finance. In partnership with various government line agencies as well as non-government organisations, our programmes in the country aim to conserve biodiversity to improve and secure livelihoods. This work has contributed to linking conservation with better livelihoods, mobilising local communities and generating tangible results to promote biodiversity conservation, environmental justice and sustainable livelihoods.

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