Nexus Trade-offs in the 3S River Basins

3S River Basin

Project Title: Measuring, Understanding and Adapting to Nexus Trade-offs in the 3S River Basins

Target countries: Cambodia, Lao PDR, Viet Nam

Target in Lao PDR : Sekong Province, Lao PDR

Duration: 2016-2018

Project Background: The Sekong, Sesan and Sre Pok are transboundary tributaries of the Mekong River located in Lao PDR, Cambodia and Viet Nam. The 3S basins, as they are collectively known, are richly endowed with natural resources and make important contributions to national and regional development while supporting the livelihoods of 3.5 million people. To ensure the rivers’ continued ability to deliver these resources, there is a critical need to understand and respond to the risks inherent in the current “growth at all costs” paradigm.

Objectives of Project:
   Compile and synthesise existing data and information on the 3S basins in order to identify trade-offs among decisions and the social and economic risks that accompany these decisions
•    Include the findings and recommendations from the Nexus assessment in regional decision-making processes by training central and provincial government officials in all three countries
•    Organise tailored regional dialogues  involving government officials from all Lower Mekong countries, including representatives from key regional platforms.  The 3S basins will be presented as a case study, to demonstrate how the Nexus assessment can be used as a tool to support and strengthen regional water diplomacy and economic growth.

Expected Outputs: A Technical Advisory Group, including five representatives from each of the three 3S countries, will be established. The role of the Group is as follows:
•    Support, advise, and guide the design and implementation of the 3S Nexus assessment, which will be led by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and the International Center for Environmental Management (ICEM).
•    Ensure that the project receives regular updates on policy integration opportunities to link the Nexus assessment results with policy and planning
•    Act as an ambassador to disseminate the findings and outcomes of the Nexus assessment within their own organisations, and present project outcomes.

Partners: International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and the International Center for Environmental Management (ICEM)


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