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إدماج حماية التنوع البيولوجي في لبنان: خطوط إرشادية لتقييم الأثر البيئي للمشاريع المؤثرة على المناطق البحرية و الساحلية

Authors: Khoury, Ricardo, Atiyah, Perla, Nader, Manal, Alhaj, Dima, Ismail, Dania,

Although all coastal development projects in Lebanon typically require an environmental impact assessment (EIA), biodiversity has rarely been given specific or appropriate consideration in the EIA process. The objective of this report is to present guidelines that specifically address biodiversity inclusion in EIA studies. For each phase of the EIA process (screening, scoping, and impact assessment), the report outlines current procedures and recommends new steps to be integrated, if/when a biodiversity-inclusive EIA is required. The report also includes a checklist to serve as a tool for the Ministry of Environment site inspections of coastal establishments. The checklist specifically addresses (direct and indirect) impacts to biodiversity, as well as relevant mitigation and monitoring practices.