Call for nominations for the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel of IPBES

16 July 2014 | News story

IPBES has issued a call for nominations for the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel (MEP) for the three-year term 2015–2017, replacing the current interim MEP. The MEP is an important body as it is responsible for overseeing the scientific and technical development and implementation of the IPBES work programme.

In order to ensure that IPBES builds effectively upon existing initiatives and networks, and does not duplicate effort, it is clearly essential that experts from such existing institutions are well-represented on the MEP.

IUCN strongly encourages interested individuals from its Members and Commissions to seek nomination for the MEP from their governments. The deadline for nominations is 15 August 2014. Nominations may only be made by the IPBES member governments, using the online MEP Nomination Form and guidance documentation on the nomination and selection process. The current list of 118 IPBES-member governments and national focal points is available here.

Call for input on IPBES work programme

To help ensure that the work of IPBES strengthens and amplifies existing institutions, IUCN is compiling recommendations to highlight processes, initiatives and concerns, to bring to the attention of those implementing the IPBES work programme. The full IPBES work programme is available online, along with detailed information on its Objective 1 (Capacity and knowledge functions), Objective 2 (Subregional, regional, and global assessments), Objective 3 (Thematic and methodological assessments), and Objective 4 (Communication and policy support).
IUCN Members are invited to provide comments related to any aspects of IPBES’ work programme of particular interest or concern. Please send these comments to Laurence Perianin, the new IUCN IPBES Liaison Officer, by 15 September 2014.

Next meeting of IPBES plenary

Please note that third IPBES plenary will take place from 12 to 17 January 2015, in Bonn, Germany.  Members attending should note that the deadline for registration is 15 September 2014. The provisional agenda is available here.