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Ceroxylon quindiuense

Plants for People Initiative

Plants for People (P4P) is a major new initiative to assess the threat status (using the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria) of at least 1,500 highest priority species in each of the following groups: crop wild relatives; medicinal plants; timber trees; and palms (6,000 in total). This is a joint project of the Global Species Programme and the Species Survival Commission (SSC), involving the four relevant SSC Specialist Groups (Crop Wild Relatives, Medicinal Plants, Global Trees and Palms). The P4P initiative will also collaborate with national, regional, and international specialist organizations working on economically valuable plants.

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Cover, European Red list of Vascular Plants

European Red List

IUCN and the European Commission have been working together on an initiative to assess around 6,000 European species according to IUCN regional Red Listing Guidelines.

The results of the assessment of selected vascular plants were published in 2011.

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Guggul tree

Sir Peter Scott Fund Projects

The Sir Peter Scott Fund provides small-scale funding to on-the-ground conservation projects, all of which are undertaken by IUCN SSC members.

The Fund is managed by the IUCN Species Programme on behalf of the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) and its partners, and all Sir Peter Scott Fund projects are endorsed by the IUCN Species Survival Commission’s Specialist Groups.

The Sir Peter Scott Fund project focusing on plants is:

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