We are assembling and developing knowledge packages to improve understanding of restoration science and to support decision-making on restoration by policy-makers, practitioners, farmers and landowners.

We group knowledge into six distinct but related themes:

  1. Water – what are the links between water supply (quantity and quality) and use and forest landscape restoration?
  2. Land Use – how can land-use dynamics contribute to landscape restoration?
  3. Carbon – how may restoration be a vehicle for carbon-intensive land stewardship?
  4. Adaptation & Mitigation – what are the opportunities to implement FLR to address climate change adaptation and mitigation goals?
  5. Governance – what institutional and monitoring arrangements are most suitable to advancing restoration at the landscape level?
  6. Investment – how can the private and public sector finance forest and landscape restoration?

Where We Work

We've partnered with more than a dozen organizations across the world to improve the way knowledge on restoration is used and understood. The map below presents some of our main project areas and places where we hope to begin supporting work soon for each theme. These countries and regions represent those that either have great potential for restoration, great need and interest, or are places where IUCN and our members and partners have worked in the past to deliver real benefits to people and the planet.