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fishermen - tyre

Marine and Coastal Management Programme Activities in Tyre


Pierre Haddad hosting the Marine and Coastal Management Programme Manager, on his talk show Akhdar Mesh Yabes on MBS radio on the 19th of December 2013.

The one hour talk-show highlighted IUCN’s vision in conserving the marine and coastal areas in West Asia and the processes that IUCN follows in conserving nature.

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a fisherman from Tyre

Launching Sustainable Fisheries Management in Tyre - Lebanon

 IUCN ROWA in Partnership with The Association of the Development of Rural Capacities are holding a ceremony to launch the " Sustainable Fisheries Management for Improved Livelihoods of the Coastal Fishing Community in Tyre - Lebanon" Project funded by DROSOS foundation in Tyre Tomorrow.

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The Green Turtle caught in Gio Hai is released to the sea in good health status

The Coexistence of the Nesting Green Sea Turtle and Touristic Activity in Tyre

 “The Green Queen showed up!” says Nabigha, who monitors the beach along with Munir. After putting the efforts to reduce the light pollution from the touristic beach in Tyre Coast Nature Reserve (TCNR) since last year by using a light shield for all bulbs, the green sea turtle had the courage after 9 years to return and lay her eggs in the darkened seashore of the TCNR for the second time this summer.

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MPA Symposium - IUCN ROWA Speech

Towards A Regional Strategy for Marine Protected Areas in the Arab World

 “The Arab World Marine Protected Area (MPA) Symposium gave the experts in the Arab World the chance to exchange their experiences, highlight problems and gaps in the environmental sector in the Arab Region and suggest solutions for them. It reveals the importance of finding a structure that provides a technical and financial support to the MPAs in the Arab World” Dr. Waheed Salameh, the Head of Protected Areas Directorate in Nature Conservation Sector in Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs in Egypt said.

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