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Human Resources

The Human Resources Management Unit focuses on the Union's vision in the management of its human resources by developing, adopting and implementing human resources polices, systems and management approaches to ensure that a complement of high quality, competent and skilled staff joins and is retained in the Sri Lanka office and in co-located regional programmes with high levels of productivity and job satisfaction.

In pursuance of the objective of maintaining high competence levels amongst the staff in all areas, the SL Office conducts training needs assessment in conjunction with the Performance Appraisal process. This annual process which encompasses taking stocks of current staff development needs and emerging needs helps the organization to source and deliver high quality professional individual and collective developmental prgrammes with a view to reach its desired position.

We believe in individual brilliance and synergized efforts in multiple fronts to deliver what IUCN stands for. Hence, we continually engage our staff in diverse activities designed to stimulate innovative mindsets and ability to harness creativity alongside excellent interpersonal relationships and team spirit.

Head, Human Resources
Bandula Withanachchi


The Administration Unit is responsible for overall administrative and logistical functions within the country office and to assist in developing and supporting the implementation of administration policies, procedures and systems to achieve organizational goals.

  • Areas covered include Procurement of Goods & Services, Logistics arrangements & Courier services
    • Internal Transport - Long / Short distance
    • Fleet of Vehicles - Maintenance, License & Insurance, Registration and management of drivers
    • Overseas Travel - Ticketing, visa & travel documents
    • General Office Administration - Lease agreements, Utility Services, Insurance, Office Cleaning & Maintenance, Safety & Security, Fixed Assets, Petty Cash, Office Equipment, Library etc.
  • Overall Administration of Sri Lanka Country Office

    Administration Officer
    Champa Hettige


    The Finance Unit aims to provide a cost effective, efficient and professional financial service, which includes advice, direction and guidance and support to all IUCN offices in Sri Lanka.

    The unit is responsible for implementing IUCN's financial policies, procedures and systems to support management of its programs to ensure financial accountability.

    The key functions of the Finance Unit are:

    • Planning, budgeting and forecasting
    • Processing and recording
    • Reporting

    Finance Officer
    Shantha Gamage

    Information Technology

    The Information Technology Unit supports IUCN offices in Sri Lanka to meet there organizational goals more effectively, efficiently and in a more cost effective manner by automating, speeding the procedures and introducing new benefits of IT, within an environmentally and socially friendly frame.

    Our Main Services

    Reliable Email Facility, Internet around the clock, Facilities for backups, Maintenance of Servers, Computers and LAN on time. We manage virus free software environment. We maintain web sites as an intranet for better dissemination of Information to staff and general public.

    Our resources

    Six servers, 70 computes, 20 Lap tops, 64 K leased line, 2 nos 2 MB ADSL lines, voice mail systems, Intranets, Web sites, Environmental databases,

    Network Administrator
    Roshan Pathberiya

    IUCN Sri Lanka