• Sunda Pangolin Photo: Dan Challender

    Saving the World's most illegally traded wild mammal


    Pangolins are the most heavily poached and trafficked mammals on the planet. Until recently, most people didn’t even know they existed. Earlier this year, a major new conservation initiative was launched to raise awareness of pangolins and address the key...

  • Report looks at the impacts of the apparel sector value chains on biodiversity. Photo: Jay Phagan

    Fashion industry must urgently reduce its impact on nature


    The fashion industry is contributing to the degradation of the world’s biodiversity and undermining nature’s ability to provide ecosystem services to society, according to a report released by IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

  • Ecosystems for Life Photo: IUCN

    Could conservation become a new investment asset class?


    A new IUCN-backed report released yesterday identifies three new investment structures that could help catalyse finance to meet the world’s pressing environmental challenges and sustainable growth goals.

  • Photo: Max Jenes

    Nominate your Heritage Hero!


    Do you know someone who is doing outstanding conservation work for a  natural World Heritage site? Would you like to see this person  recognised for their exemplary contribution? If so, get in touch! Update: nominations are now closed

  • Tendal Waterfall, Los Katíos National Park, Colombia Photo: UICN Tilman Jaeger

    The List of World Heritage in Danger is not a disgrace, but an opportunity


    A key success of 2015 was the removal of Colombia’s Los Katíos National Park from the List of World Heritage in Danger. It was danger-listed in 2009 at the request of the government, after suffering extensive damage from illegal activities. The park authority...

  • Fisherman in the Philippines Photo: IUCN NL

    Why the new policy on sustainable development for World Heritage is a crucial step forward


    Towards the end of 2015, the States Parties to the World Heritage Convention adopted a policy on sustainable development. This is a major step in ensuring that World Heritage sites contribute to socioeconomic well-being in a sustainable manner with long-...

  • IUCN World Heritage Panel 2015 Photo: IUCN World Heritage Programme

    Twelve nomination files reviewed for natural World Heritage in 2016


    IUCN’s World Heritage Panel gathered last December to consider 12 files for possible inscriptions of natural sites on the World Heritage List in 2016. This includes proposals for boundary changes in two natural World Heritage sites in Russia. As the...

  • Nam Xong River at Vang Vieng, Lao PDR Photo: Charlotte Hicks/IUCN Lao PDR

    New Infographic and Blog: Unseen and unrecognised - allocating water to nature in river systems


    By Rebecca Welling. Water for nature is too often sidelined in discussions around built water infrastructure development and subsequent water allocation needs. With increasing demands for food and energy production from a growing global population, many...

  • 13A-068-027 Education_Sensitization Meeting _Chepu-Sherbro-Island_credit - Augustine Sesay_020615 Photo: Augustine Sesay

    Persistence pays with sea turtle education and sensitisation in Sierra Leone


    “Community education and sensitisation meetings are considered integral for conservation projects such as ours," explains Edward Aruna (Eddie), project leader with RAP-SL, an SOS Grantee working to save Sierra Leone's sea turtles from over-harvesting, human...

  • Earth inside water droplet Photo: danymages Shutterstock

    Paris climate deal increases hopes for a sustainable future


    Paris, France, 12 December 2015 (IUCN) – IUCN welcomes the new climate agreement adopted today by the world’s governments at the UN climate summit in Paris (COP 21), and its recognition of nature’s critical role in tackling climate change.


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