• Athony and George excavating a nest Photo: Trokon Saykpa

    Poachers Turn Protectors in Bassa Point Community


    “I started poaching turtle eggs when I was ten years old!” declares Anthony Peabody. Since 2012, however, Anthony has been working as a beach monitor and turtle protector thanks to Sea Turtle Watch (STW) Liberia’s community oriented conservation programme....

  • Chimpanzee Family taking A Stroll infront of a Trail Camera Photo: Chimbo

    Bush fire management in the Boé


    In a region such as the Boé, Guinea Bissau, effective fire management is critical to maintaining a balance between local wildlife and farming community needs, according to Tedros Medhin, project coordinator with grantee Stichting Chimbo (Chimbo). “Thanks to...

  • IUCN Photo: S.Over IUCN

    IUCN welcomes 22 new Members


     The IUCN Council has admitted 22 new Members bringing the total membership to 1351 Members, the highest number to date.

  • Forest Elephant Photo: Garth Cripps

    Exposing illegal trade in elephant tusks


    Following a seizure of ivory, a suspected illegal trader has been sentenced to imprisonment. Paul de Ornellas of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), a grantee with IUCN’s SOS initiative, explains how ZSL helped expose the crime.

  • Sphyrna lewini Cocos Island Photo: Pretoma

    Hammerhead shark conservation in Costa Rican fishing communities


    A day in the life of community leader Doña Miriam Vargas highlights her fishery’s work to protect Costa Rica’s hammerhead sharks – as described by Andy Bystrom, project coordinator with SOS Grantee PRETOMA.  

  • Entangled Sawfish Photo: DRDH

    Reality bites with game theory in West African Sawfish conservation


    “Outreach and sensitization has to be tuned to local sensibilities”, explains Cécile Brigaudeau, project coordinator with AfricaSaw, from Cacine, a town five hours’ drive from the capital of Guinea-Bissau – three of them on dirt track.

  • Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, Mexico Photo: Jim Thorsell

    Concerns over scale of threats to natural World Heritage confirmed by new report


    Nearly half of all natural World Heritage sites are threatened by industrial activities, according to a new report drawing heavily on data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)’s World Heritage Outlook.

  • Sphyrna lewini Cocos Island Photo: Pretoma

    A catchy song to help save sharks from costa rican menus


    Almost everyone loves a catchy song. Especially Costa Ricans. That's good news for Hammerhead sharks. 

  • Young people to save the lovely lemurs Photo: Madagasikara Voakajy

    Getting Started with Mangabe’s Youth for Lemurs Initiative


    Tapping into young people’s energy is key to shifting from conflict to coexistence, according to Julie Hanta Razafimanahaka.

  • Reef Manta Ray Ventral Shot Photo: Guy Stevens

    Fighting illegal trade in manta rays in the ‘backdoor of the Philippines'


    Conserving mantas and ‘flying rays’ on the conflict-ridden islands of Tawi Tawi is best done with the help of the locals, writes Isabel Ender of the Manta Trust, an SOS grantee.


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