Marine and Polar

Climate mitigation and adaptation are a country’s most pressing actions in the face of a looming global climate crisis –with catastrophic...
With the adoption of the Paris Agreement, governments re-affirmed the importance of sustaining and restoring healthy ecosystems, including coastal areas, for their climate mitigation benefits. Faced... Read more
There is an urgent need to address the global degradation of coastal ecosystems, but are mass mangrove planting initiatives sustainable? 
In recent years, hundreds and sometimes thousands of volunteers have been involved in mass mangrove planting efforts, gaining media recognition and even earning entries into the Guinness Book of... Read more
The answer is yes. Restoring and protecting mangroves helps fulfil multiple Global Goals, from improving life below water, to reducing poverty and...
In September 2015, 193 countries adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – a roadmap to alleviate global poverty, advance social and economic development and importantly, further the... Read more
Our existence depends on flows of goods and services delivered by a stock of natural resources – our ‘natural’ capital. But as we have degraded the...
People have long depended on natural systems for our survival and development, nowhere more visible than in our history of extracting minerals and fuel products. However, we have also started to see... Read more
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Exploring Potential Opportunities and Synergies
This new publication, aiming at exploring potential opportunities and synergies between aquaculture and conservation, is being launched at The Monaco Blue Initiative Conference on Monday April 3rd... Read more
As a follow-up to the Message from Reunion Island (2008), the purpose of the Roundable is to provide an EU-wide flexible and informal instrument for coordination, dialogue and exchange among all... Read more


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