IUCN's Global Economics Programme will complete work in all three programme areas of IUCN's 2013-2016 Programme, but place special emphasis on Programme Area 3: Nature-based solutions. IUCN Global... Read more
Forest landscape restoration (FLR) brings people together to identify and put in place a mix of land-use practices that will help restore the functions of forests across a whole landscape. IUCN’s... Read more
Biodiversity and ecosystem services are often considered public goods, i.e. the costs of destroying or damaging ecosystems are passed on from the user to society. NGOs have therefore been pushing... Read more
The IUCN-Rio Tinto Natural Capital Project attempts to identify and quantify biodiversity and ecosystem services values in key regions where Rio Tinto operates, in order to incorporate the value of... Read more
The conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity is the foundation of a sustainable economy. Water, food, shelter and energy are the building blocks upon which life and economic systems are built. The... Read more
IUCN work in the field of Ecomomics is varied and highly important to support the work of many IUCN thematic programmes. Some of these are listed and explained below: People in Nature... Read more
An IUCN knowledge basket on the interrelationships between people and nature.
The People in Nature (PiN) Knowledge Basket (formerly Human Dependence on Nature, or HDN) provides a process of systematic data collection, analysis and documentation for landscape level assessment... Read more
This Poverty Environment Partnership (PEP) report is dedicated to the increasingly popular topic of 'Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and...
REDD systems could offer opportunities to poor people, particularly in terms of increased, stable and long-term financial and non-financial benefit flows to rural areas. Considering such issues... Read more
Investing in nature conservation makes economic and business sense. New models of conservation can create and expand markets, sustain profitable...
One way for business to demonstrate its commitment to nature is to engage directly with the conservation community. At the recent 3rd IUCN World Conservation Congress in Bangkok, Thailand, business... Read more
During November and December of 2007, a survey of public attitudes and preferences on international ecosystem services was carried out in Geneva,...
With a specific focus on the role of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) in climate change mitigation, the study aims to gain a stronger understanding of the... Read more
Please join IUCN, CIFOR, PROFOR, and UK Aid for a special technical and networking session on the first day of the Global Landscapes Forum in Warsaw...
Date and venue: Warsaw UniversityRoom (111, 112... Read more


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