Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean


Vivero Forestal, Guatemala Photo: ORMACC

Name of the Project: “Environmental Research and Advocacy” (2005-2012)

Donor: Government of Denmark.

Where: Central America.

The project aimed to promote the development and implementation of policies, legal frameworks and local, national and regional norms oriented towards sustainable development policies, through advocacy and research on the part of civil society organisations. This project provided support and cooperation enabling the promotion and strengthening of processes with a medium- and long-term vision of environmental research and advocacy. Two focus areas “Environmental Research and Advocacy” included two focus areas: strengthening research and advocacy of IUCN and making an Environmental Research and Advocacy Fund available to members of civil society.

The project was part of the Regional Environmental Program in Central America (2005-2012), executed by Comisión Centroamericana de Ambiente y Desarrollo (CCAD), Secretaría de Recursos Naturales y Ambientales y Secretaría de Gobernación y Justicia de Honduras, Ministerio de Ambiente y Recursos Naturales de Guatemala. IUCN implemented Component 2:  Support to research and environment advocacy organizations.

Main Achievements:

  • 116 organisations, through 170 projects financed, led environment advocacy processes and generated laws, policies and plans to promote and implement environment policies.
  • 47 laws and decrees and eight plans and agreements at the national level
  • 7 plans, policies and agreements at the regional level
  • 24 local ordinances
  • 33 local plans and agreements on policy.
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