Commission on Ecosystem Management


Photo: Piet Wit, 2007

CEM works with 14 regions across the globe. Regional Chairs (RC's) provide leadership and guide the development and implementation of CEM’s work within their region. They also promote establishment of regionally based specialist groups, facilitate membership growth and foster initiatives for training and capacity building in the region.

Regional Chairs:

South East Asia 
Khun Sansanee Choowaew,

South Asia
Madhav Karki,
Co-Chair - Sema Purushothaman,

North East Asia
Yu Xiubo,

West/Central Asia 
Muhammad Zaheer Khan,
Co-Chair - Tamer Khafaga,

RC Meso America 
Bernal Herrera-Fernandez,

RC South America
Andrea Michelson,
Deputy Chair - Stanley Arguedas,

RC North America & Caribbean
Charlotte Moser,

RC Oceania 
Pete Smith,

RC Western Europe
Jabier Ruiz-Mirazo,

RC Eastern Europe 
Kalev Sepp,

RC Southern & East Africa

RC West Africa
Jean-Marie Ouadba,

RC Central Africa
Jean Ngog Nje,

RC Northern Africa
Brahim Haddane,

National Focal Points

Netherlands: Hilde Geerling,
Mexico: Carlos Garcia-Saez,
France: Pauline Teillac-Deschamps,

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