Parks for Life 97

proceedings of the IUCN/WCPA European regional working session on protecting Europe's natural heritage

Protecting Europe's natural heritage

Parks for Life 97 Photo: IUCN Europe WCPA

In 1994, IUCN launched Parks for life: Action for Protected Areas in Europe - a plan devised by IUCN with 200 partners to ensure an adequate, effective and well-managed network of protected areas in Europe. In November 1997, some 150 protected area experts from 34 countries met to review progress and chart a course for future work. Containing 11 papers and 6 workshop reports, emphasis is on the implementation of 5 priority projects : upgrading the management of Category II sites, identifying potential World Heritage sites, building cooperation in trans-boundary protected areas, restoring wetlands in protected areas and conserving land used by the military

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Protected Areas
Protected Areas
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